Your Life : A Mistake Or A Miracle?

By admin / May 28, 2007
By: Ineke Van Lint
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As long you are not sure about your mission on earth, about the reason WHY you are here, about your main goal in life, you will feel like a ping-pong ball undergoing the commands of all your subpersonalities.

We all are a mix of different subpersonalities. These are different aspects of ourselves that take turns expressing themselves, and that may at times be contradictory. This split results in a sense of chaos and constitutes the most important hindrance keeping us from finding and implementing our mission. All of these subpersonalities are fighting for attention and keep us from focusing on what's really important.

We have a lot of subpersonalities, parts of ourselves, that are able to linger around due to a fatal mistake, a wrong idea we have about ourselves and this world.

This is the main trait of our personality, the central misconception around which all the facets of our personality are orbiting like planets around the sun.

The fatal mistake, the central misconception is an idea that is fundamentally flawed, and that can never lead to the real goal of your life. Just like everybody else, you are battling your central misconception but you're aiming too high or too low. This battle is extremely tiring, it can't be won and you are being distracted from the goals that matter.

Take for example somebody with the following central misconception: « I always have to do everything by myself ». The subpersonalities revolving around this idea could be: the fearful who thinks she won't be able to manage on her own; the accusing blaming everybody else; the complaining who goes on and on about how much she has to do in life without any support; the eternally fatigued crumbling under a load that is self-imposed; the diseased going from doctor to doctor hoping to find some miracle potion, and so on.

When you live in the illusion of being on top of your misconception, all of your "positive" subpersonalities will surface. You feel strong, happy, content, courageous, self-confident and so on.

But as soon as you're starting to lose ground to your fatal mistake, all of the "negative" subpersonalities rear their ugly head. You feel down, irritated, aggressive, depressed and so on.

For most people, this is the very business of their life: to prove that they are right concerning their central misconception. They say: "I told you I always have to do everything by myself!" and then follows a long list of convincing "proof".

Other possible fatal misconceptions:

q Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed.

q I am responsible for everything, and I have to make sure everything is under control.

q At their core, humans are bad and you always have to be on your guard.

q Living is a sad occupation, we are here to suffer.

q I will never be good enough, no matter what I do.

q I didn't get the right education, and will always be less than another.

q I can't do thing on my own, I need a husband/wife.

q I have to hurry, because there is never enough time.

q Nobody loves me.

q Nobody cares.

q I am worthless.

q Life is one big disappointment.

q I am not beautiful/handsome/smart enough.

q Without a partner I am abnormal.

q Without kids of my own I can never be happy.

q Life is a drag.


Here I invite you to write down the main misconception in your life, the fatal mistake around which all revolves. You can discover your main misconception by going back in time to moments of enormous stress, where you felt completely deserted, did not know what to do anymore, were totally exhausted or raging mad. What's that little sentence that comes up in those extreme moments? It's always the same little sentence.

As long as your life is about this idea, you are on the wrong track and you will only exhaust yourself. This sentence represents a major misconception and it is a big bolder on your personal path.

This is a very uncomfortable, senseless and sickening way to live.

To escape from this prison, one needs to change course and focus on what really counts: your own personal specific reason of existence!

Let your life revolve around what it is that you have on offer for this world, and not around how sad and unfair life is treating you!

Be involved in re-dis-covering your spiritual core, your true nature. This is a way of life that will bring you joy, love, health and satisfaction!

You need to replace this misconception by another sentence that expresses your true, your Divine Nature, like : "I am a Child of God", "I am already perfect als I am", "There is enough love for me in the world, I feel loved and I can give Love", "Life is wonderful", "I am a Light Person ment to spread Light around me", "I am loved and there is as much help as I need", and so on.

As it becomes clear who you really are, and the more you occupy yourself with what really matters, the more the central misconception in your life will lose its hold on you. You are so much more than just a collection of subpersonalities. Before you started playing these roles, you were already your own person. You are more capable and brilliant than you think. The truth about yourself is to be emphasized.

Everytime your misconception pops up in your head (usual under stress, pressure or fear), change it immediately by the truth about yourself!

Ineke Van Lint, psychologist, is a spiritual and educational coach and an expert in enthusiasm. She'll guide you to find out who is the real you and how you can achieve happiness and success. Grab your free e-course and free inspirational quotes at

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