You Will Only Hit What You Aim For

By admin / August 20, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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This statement popped in on my e-mail this morning as a motivational message of the day. It states the truth. A child who did not try to walk would only ever crawl, and would eventually come to believe that there was "something wrong with them" that prevented them from walking. Although they would think that they had something physically wrong, it would in reality be their mind which had stopped them in their tracks.

I am reminded of another saying; if you aim for the moon and you miss you will at least end up amongst the stars. It is amazing how many of us don't even try to do something because of some sort of mental blockage, usually experienced as fear. In avoiding that fear, we at the same time avoid so many opportunities which we might otherwise have enjoyed. The knock on effect of knowing that we have missed such opportunities can often lead to bitterness and further negativity.

At the same time we can find ourselves searching for something to justify why we did not even try. Like the figurative child who grows to believe that there is something physically wrong with them that prevents them from walking, the human mind is all to adept at thinking that something physical is the cause of failure. It is easier to think that one's failure to aim for the moon was due to the wrong weather, wrong temperature, and wrong direction, wrong anything...or to believe that you do not have the right tools, or the right equipment, and so on.

The difference between the person who aims for the moon and the person who does not aim at all is in reality all in how they each choose to think. The outer elements remain the same. One who aims for the moon will seek to find the necessary tools and equipment; they will find a way to get there simply by choosing to take aim. The person who chooses not to take aim will seek to justify their position, often causing physical illness to themselves along the way.

How can physical illness be caused? Take the child who does not try to walk; what happens to those unused muscles? They waste away. This is only one example of physical impairment which can be caused by ones mental attitude. Your mind can have a very great impact upon your physical well being. Your body is in fact a mirror of your mind and scientific research is now providing proof of this phenomenon. Every thought you have has the ability to transmit signals from your brain to every cell in your organism. It pays both mentally and physically to pay attention to what you are thinking.

Most people however are unaware of this connection. They think that a physical illness is just physical, and believe that their mind is an entirely separate entity. This pattern of belief also justifies an abrogation of responsibility about one's health. It encourages one to simply go to your local GP and expect a cure for any symptoms imaginable, no manner how your thoughts and behavior have contributed to the illness suffered.

Obesity issues are a perfect example of this. How many people now resort to gastric banding? Or diet pills? Or any number of novel surgical procedures? Is this not a wonderful example of abrogating ones responsibility for one's own health? Yes, there are some people who do have a physical cause of their obesity. But far more people do not; they just haven't found a way to get their mind around the subject of weight loss. They haven't found the right way in which to take aim.

No matter what it is you would like to achieve, you will only hit what you aim for.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis for health and well-being.

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