Where Would We Be Without Capitalists?

By admin / October 12, 2009
By: David Autrey
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The United States of America is a capitalistic country. The reason we are a capitalistic country is because capital was used to build it... from the ground up! Farmer Bob planted wheat and sold it to the local miller. That miller then milled out flour which was sold to the baker. The story goes on and on. Railroads were needed to move bulk goods and tracks were laid. Someone learned to control electricity, and capital was used to move it from a generator out into even the most remote areas. The internal combustion engine was developed and subsequently motorized vehicles were manufactured, but not without the use of capital.

Every physical object and every service which we enjoy or consume today cost something to create or offer. Without capital to fund those offerings, most would never get off of the drafting table or out of a board room. It takes capital to make such offerings and those that provide the needed capital deserve to be compensated both for the use of their capital and for the risk they take when they allow someone else to use it.

Now I am not here to argue against any other social model, but to simply say that it is wrong when people in a capitalistic nation try to vilify those who have funded the way for most of the goods and services which they enjoy.

I do understand that there have been capitalists who were so greedy that they took more than their fair share for the use of their capital. Or worse yet, they helped others to build up new ideas and create their dreams only to "force them out" when the profits came in. I "get it." But those people are the exception rather than the rule.

It should be motivating to us to see someone come up with a new idea for a product or service and become successful. It should encourage us to see entrepreneurs take hold of opportunity and have great personal success. It should be inspirational for us to see someone with the necessary capital, afford those dreamers among us the opportunity to succeed, while taking the risk that there will actually be no return at all. In fact rather, their capital may vanish. We should be inspired to be so fortunate to live in this capitalistic country where anyone can become anything, thanks... in no small part... to capitalists.



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