What Makes a Successful Team?

By admin / June 24, 2009
By: Regie Macalam
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Success, by definition, is an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, an attainment that is successful and a state of prosperity or fame. Success is for you, for us. Success is for everyone who aims it without losing a focus. But most of the time, success is achievable as part of a team.

Most of the successful attainment were made out of a team. And we're part of many teams. Our family is a team. The community groups and organizations we belong to are teams. Even at work, we are on a team. And sometimes we invest as a team. We sometimes stand as the team leader, captain or coach, a supervisor while other times we serve as the follower.

Understanding a team and how it works is very important. This will help you understand why a team is unsuccessful or successful. This will lead you to identify your role and maximize it for the achievement of your teams desired goal, to land a successful investment, to be the champion, to be the best among the rest.

Okay, so what makes a team successful? Here's a checklist for you to evaluate.

- Communication between members.
A good communication must be in line between members. This will enable leaders to communicate the vision and for each member to know where they are going and stick their focus onto it.

- Members commitment to excellence
There is only one goal to achieve and that is the highest of all levels. Everyone in the team must be committed to showing excellence in everything they do. Members that are not committed to it will become the weak link and must eliminated.

- Members capability to follow
The secret of getting things done doesn't rely solely in great leadership but how well the rest of the members follow the leadership.

- Members understanding on their role.
Knowing exactly your role in a team will help you maximize it for a greater output as the team expect you to do it with 100% perfection. Success is when every member of the team operates their strengths and their roles.

- Operation of strengths and weaknesses
Ever team member has strengths and weaknesses. When members consistently operate out of their strengths and not out of their weaknesses, it's a successful team.

- Team Building
The team that have fun together stays together. Once in a while, a team should go out and have some fun. It will bring an incomparable sense of bonding.

- Members understanding on common goals and vision.
It's very important that every member understands and know that they are working together for. A short, simple and clear goals and vision could make it stick to their minds.

- Members Appreciation.
A tap on the back with words "great work!" plus a smiling face could motivate team members to do a lot more better.

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