What Does Your Mind Power Have To Do With Your Financial Conditions?

By admin / March 6, 2008
By: Harold L Lowe
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We human beings have come a long way in understanding and using the powers of the mind in the past 50 years. For example, accomplishments in the medical field are staggering! Soon we will be able to identify and treat potential illnesses at the gene level, as each of us will have access to his or her own gene map.

There are estimates put the number of millionaires in the United States at over 1,000,000, most of whom attribute reaching this lofty status primarily to the positive use of mind power. Multi-billionaires are now commonplace and trillionaires are not very far in the future.

Yet only about 3% to 5% of the population is financially independent or rich. Some studies say that as many as 90% of all workers will retire to incomes that are 20% to 50% of their working income after struggling and straining to "make a decent living" for 35 to 45 years or more.

Why is that? How is that only 3% to 5% people become wealthy and live their dreams in the richest country the world has ever known? Why have you gotten what you've gotten in your life? Why have you not gotten more of the things, conditions and circumstances you have wished for?

It really has to do with whether you are mastering your mind power or whether your mind is mastering you and therefore weakening your power in terms of obtaining or achieving more of what you desire.

Essentially, your mind controls everything in your world, including health, happiness, and financial conditions. If you are not experiencing the money you'd like to have, the relationships you desire, or enjoying the social status you want, there is a strong probability that your mind power is not under your control.

Even though we normally speak of mind as if we have two minds, conscious and unconscious or subconscious, I will speak of one mind with two sections, and each of these two sections have separate and distinct functions.

The conscious portion is primarily a sensation filtering, classifying, recording, analyzing, and selecting mechanism. Even though it has no long term memory of its own, it is the gate keeper so to speak, that keeps incongruent thoughts, ideas, and images from entering the unconscious. Whenever new thoughts, images, or ideas seek entry into our minds, they must first past the scrutiny of the conscious mind.

According to U.S. Anderson, author of the book Three Magic Words, "It (the conscious portion of the mind) records sensations at the level of pain and pleasure; it analyzes this sensation according to the circumstances that caused it; and it files such sensation away under one of two main compartments headed 'Recall about Pain' and 'Recall about Pleasure.'"

The unconscious mind is that portion of the mind below the level of conscious perception. Its memory is perfect, and it is the storehouse of every thought, idea, image, sensory perception, and emotion of the individual are indelibly recorded.

You are the most miraculous of all living beings on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so stupendous, that as you truly begin mastering your mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve.

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