We The People – Still Succeed

By admin / October 21, 2009
By: David Autrey
Category: Motivation

The last time I checked, we still live in a land where we can achieve our every dream. This land, called the United States of America, still offers the greatest level of opportunity for anyone with a sufficient level of desire to succeed.

Today, however, our country's leaders appear to have lost their way. They may have incurred a temporary measure of insanity while they try to muddle their way through a financial crisis of a level not seen since The Great Depression. Our leaders have found themselves needing a leader. The problem seems to be that they keep looking in the wrong direction for that leadership.

The leadership our leaders need can only come from one place. The leadership they need will not come from other politicians. And it cannot come from leaders of other countries who have not a single clue of what it means to be an American. The leadership they need is going to have to come from those who know best what this country needs, their constituents. We the People, can provide the leadership they need if we will simply take full advantage once again of the magnificent opportunities our country still offers. If we set out to reach our dreams, even our country's leaders will follow! They will take notice, fall in line, and once again focus on doing what they should be doing, clearing the way for our success.

This country still provides opportunities for success, achievement, and personal growth, at a level no other country provides. This country is still the destination of many individuals from foreign lands who seek a place where they can go to be free, live better their lives, and dream otherwise impossible dreams just to see them come true! This country, its' beliefs, principles, and freedoms, are still worth fighting and dying for, but perhaps just as importantly, they are worth living for!

If we take hold of that opportunity and live our dreams, this country's leaders will follow us! They will give us whatever is necessary to make our dreams come true. They truly have no choice, for without us, the country fails.

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