Thirteen Ways to Handle Stress and Keep Your Mind Calm

By admin / September 26, 2010
By: Dev Anand
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Stress in this era has become the essential component of everyone’s life. In fact it is the most crucial part of every individual’s life. You might be wondering why such statement is made. But, wouldn’t you agree when I say there is no day in everyone’s life when we do not worry. But as we all know ‘worrying’ will not help by any means and definitely is not the solution. These are good and easy words to say but hard to believe, when we are stressed we are and we can’t really help the mental imbalance. Here are few ways that can help you keep calm when you are stressed. These tips are seriously stupid but if you do follow you will overcome stress scenarios soon.

1.Take deep long breath.

2.Switch on your air conditioner and your music player and listen to some soothing music. The best would be to listen to rain drop music.

3.Listen to a motivational speaker if you are feeling low and get your inspired.

4.Go for a long drive with your family or close friends and ensure you are forgetting your stress as the moment of long drive passes.

5.Dancing your stress to glory is a great practice too. Many professionals today post their job join dance school to learn Salsa, Hip Hop etc with intention to not just learn but also keep themselves calm.

6.Count 1 – 20 when you are stressed. Usually inspirational speakers would tip you to count 1 – 10 but I have extended the horizon with the motive to de-stress completely.

7.Eat Ice Creams or Chocolates when you are stressed as they melt in your mouth your stress melts too.

8.Control your thoughts by reading some motivational books or books filled with humor content that can add a lot of peace to your stressed mind.

9.Play Puzzles or mind games that can deviate you from the negative thoughts or the stressful thoughts.

10.If you are stressed because of excessive workload then take a break from work and corner yourself in the workplace for a power nap. Your power nap can last from 15 to 25 minutes but don’t sleep it might risk your job.

11.At times the stress can be because of the bad behavior of your colleague or someone close to you. The situation is tough to handle, but all you need to do it just take a deep long breath and have a smile on your face and have some motivating thoughts reciting in your mind.

12.Stretching yourself is another way to get a quick relief from the stress. So move away from the stressful scene stretch your body completely for at least 10 minutes you might obtain few moments of relief.

13.Surfing Social Media sites could also be a smart practice to deviate your negative thoughts. Accessing Facebook, Twitter and checking the trending topic and following the discussions is fascinating and exciting thing to do.

The above are few ways that you can handle stress. Control thoughts and keep your mind at peace.

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