Ten Things to Do to Make an Impact with Your Motivational Speech

By admin / September 16, 2010
By: Devanand
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Motivational speeches, if effective can motivate people to unprecedented levels. But there are some key features to the speech, to ensure that correct message across in the most effective way. Most motivational speeches are great inspirations. However, it might be important to warn you, that it takes quite a bit of preparation to get your thought across to your audience, in the simple yet most effective way!

1. Content: Content is king. No matter how many people you are talking to at one time and when you are trying to motivate someone, it is important to realize that the content with which you want to motivate people is sound and reliable. Keep it crisp, and loaded with information. However, here it is important to remember that all the information focuses on one particular theme or idea. This retains the single idea easier in the listener’s mind than a whole gamut of information.

2. Market the belief: Though ‘market’ sounds a little off in a motivational speech. It must be said that it is a really important for you to ensure that the idea that you believe in must be sold to the listener. The listener must leave believing that you too believed in the speech or the (idea).

3. Cite examples: There is an old saying that ‘intelligent people learn from others mistakes, and fools learn from their own. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to motivational speeches. Use examples for famous personalities or just your own examples as part of the speech. When the listener realizes that someone else has been in the same or similar situation and has come through, he/she develops a sense of hope from their current situation.

4. Voice: Your voice is a very important part of a motivational speech. It is important to be pleasant while communicating to another person or a group of people. However, it is also equally important to sound firm and confident. Therefore, as much as you want them to like you by communicating pleasantly, they must like your speech more. After all, the idea of a motivational speech is for the listeners to go back, feel confident and motivate themselves to the cause that you want for them to be motivated about.

5. Voice modulation: Voice modulation is a very important part of any speech. You must learn to modulate your voice, emphasize on the important words that must register with your listener. No matter how much wonderful content and exceptional examples you might have, it is very important that the voice communicates this information in the best way. This will ensure that the listeners are tuned in to what you have to say, will keep them interested, and that they leave with the message that you have to offer.

6. Sound impromptu: Though most of the motivational speeches are supposed to be rehearsed, it is very important that the listeners believe that you yourself believe in the content of the speech. So, improvise based on the audience and sound confident. Try not to read out of a paper, instead save notes the size of your palm (if required). A speech that sounds rehearsed or that is read out from a paper, usually tends to impact the listeners lesser than direct impromptu speeches.

7. Practice: One cannot stress the importance of the amount of practice that goes into being an effective motivational speaker. Read the speech out loud alone and then to a friend or colleague, practice before a mirror, record the speech and correct mistakes that you have made (and then try again!). By practicing the speech enough, you might not need a print out of the speech in front of you. So, practice, practice, practice!

8. Eye contact: No matter how huge the audience of your speech is, ensure that you make eye contact with the entire crowd. It will keep them involved and would indulge them to pay attention to every word that you say. What’s more, every listener will even believe that you are talking directly to them.

9. Body language: Body language is an important part of any communication. The way you stand, the clothes you wear, where you place your hands are all important aspects of body language. You should stand straight, and not slouch, and look confident. Clothes that are comfortable, yet not very casual are important for people to take you seriously. Try not to put your hands in your pocket, instead try and use your hands subtly to enhance your speech. If someone has a question, listen intently without intimidating the listener. Remember, a smile speaks a thousand words – smile!

10. Humor yourself: Though motivational speeches are meant to be serious and inspiring,a little bit of laughter hurts no one. Start with a funny line that will break the ice between you and the listener, but end strong.

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