Success-You Can Enjoy It Too!

By admin / July 20, 2010
By: Quek Wan Sing
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“My grades are so lousy, how can I compete with those smarter than me?”

“I’m from Institute of Technical Education (ITE), and you know that it’s the end for me right?”

“I learn things too slowly. I’m just too hopeless. Don’t ask me about my future. I can’t think of it.”

These were just some of the dismal comments I received during my interactions with people I met on the streets. These were the kind of feedback these so-called low-achievers received from the society.

It’s a cruel reality that most of our societies equate academic achievements with success. However, is it true that obtaining good grades is the only road to success? No, it’s definitely not.

Achieving good academic result is only one of the roads leading to success. You just have to discover your road to success yourself.

The race between the rabbit and tortoise
Have you read or heard about the infamous race between the rabbit and tortoise? Who do you think will won? Rabbit, I guess? Everyone thought the rabbit would win the race, without doubt. However, the tortoise shocked the spectators by winning the race!

How did the tortoise manage to win the rabbit?

Yes, the rabbit was much faster than the tortoise. However, it became complacent upon seeing its lead over the tortoise. Hence it took a rest by a tree and fell asleep. On the other hand despite being looked down upon by the crowd, the tortoise wasn’t disheartened. It was determined to finish the race no matter how long it took him. With a focused mind, the tortoise persevered all the way, by-passed the complacent rabbit, and reached the finishing line even before the rabbit woke up to realize that it had lost the race to the tortoise.

In life, many of us may not be considered the elite, or the cream of the crop. Our grades may not make it to the mark. Our teachers, our parents, our peers, people in the society may not look favorably upon us. However, do you know that we can still outshine those who’re considered the elites (rabbit) just like how the tortoise won the race against the rabbit?

Examples of successful individuals who were low-achievers
If you’re doubtful about achieving success because you think you’re a low-achiever. Now read the real-life, recent examples below, and get back your confidence.

Sairin Sani, is an ITE graduate. He was from the Normal Stream and had little interest in his studies while he was in school. Just like many others, who performed badly at the Cambridge Ordinary Level Examination, he ended up in ITE. It was supposedly the end of a promising future for him as many says. However, the hands-on training offered by ITE appealed to him greatly, and from then on, Sairin regained his confidence and gusto for learning. From ITE, Sairin advanced on to polytechnic, then to National Technical University (NTU), where he graduated with first-class honours in Mechanical and Production Engineering. And now, he is pursuing his dream career in aerospace engineering.

Mr. Tan Koon, an ITE graduate of about 17 years, graduated from ITE with an Industrial Technician Certificate in Electronics, and signed up as a regular with the Singapore Police Force thereafter. While serving his five-year bond, he pursued his Diploma in Electronics Engineering on a part-time basis. When his bond ended, he worked for a couple of years to gain more experiences before heading into business, with his business partner, Au Yong Leong Choong who is also a ITE graduate. With his determination, he managed to set up four companies specializing in IT, systems integration and trading within 4 years. Now, Mr. Tan Koon, is a successful businessman.

There are many more examples of individuals who succeeded in making a mark for themselves despite being stigmatized by society due to their earlier poor academic achievements. Now you may question:

What are the factors contributing to these individuals’ successes?
Basically these individuals have a goal in mind, they know what they want, they believe in their dreams, and they plan, take action, stay focus, welcome failure as they see failure as feedback towards success, and finally achieve success with determination and perseverance. These apply to many successful people, e.g. Thomas Edison, Bill gates, Richard and Maurice McDonald, just to name a few.

~ If you want to be successful, it's just this simple: Know what you're doing. Love what you're doing. And believe in what you're doing. ~
Will Rogers

To sum, intelligence isn’t the main contributing factor towards success. What makes a successful person is what he does. It’s all within his control.

You can be successful too. It’s never too late. Ask yourself what you want. Not just any other want, but a want which you really desire and will feel regretful if you can’t achieve it. Then ask yourself what’s the purpose behind this want. Next plan and take action. The journey to success is never easy. However, you must remember this:

Successful people never say “I give up!”

Successful people never say try. They do.

Successful people think positively and always say “I can do it!”

~The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. ~
Vince Lombardi

There’s also this saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Don’t let others put you down. Don’t let your past pull you down. The more others say you can’t do it, prove to them otherwise! Let everyone know you’re a gem too! Believe in yourself and your dream, focus and work towards it, and you will achieve success eventually!

~ The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. ~
Mark Caine

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