How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

By admin / February 7, 2009
By: Sean Smith
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If you want to achieve more of your goals and dreams along your personal empowerment journey called life, you must identify and remove the biggest obstacle - your limiting beliefs. This is a must because you will never outperform your belief system.

If you believe, like most people do, that you're not good enough as a person and you don't deserve success, you'll never allow yourself to create long term success in your life. You'll always self-sabotage. You'll never witness your own greatness, achieve your most significant goals or share your gifts with the world. Instead, you'll create a life of restriction. A life of less.

I know because I lived in that self-created mental prison for 26½ years before an empowerment coach helped me drop all my limiting beliefs with one exercise. But before you can erase your limiting beliefs, you need to identify which ones you have. The following 3 step process will help you target the hidden obstacles to your success.

1 - Examine Your Circumstances

You will always manifest your belief system into reality. Always. And you won't tolerate anything that doesn't match your beliefs. Therefore, an easy way to deduce your limiting beliefs is to identify your negative or stressful environments.

If you're tolerating a lack of money, unhealthy habits, relationships that don't serve you, a body you don't enjoy, physical surroundings that aren't supportive, a network of negative people, etc - you must have a limiting belief that's allowing this unproductive environment to remain inside your comfort zone as a toleration. Otherwise it wouldn't be in your life.

Mental Exercise: Take a look at some situations that you are tolerating, but not enjoying. Now ask yourself this question, "What belief MUST I currently be holding onto in order to keep this situation in my life?" It works all the time.

2 - Monitor Your Emotional Responses

Another great way to learn what limiting beliefs you have is to pay attention to your emotional responses. For example, if someone tells you "no' and you have a meltdown, you must be holding onto some limiting belief about your value as a person. That's the only reason why you would emotionally engage when confronted with "rejection".

Again, you can ask yourself, "What belief MUST I currently be holding onto in order to react that way?"

You can also write down various limiting belief statements such as "I'm not good enough", "I will never be wealthy", "I don't deserve a healthy and attractive body", etc. If you emotionally respond to any of those phrases, it more than likely matches a belief.

3 - Listen to Your Language

Your language is the verbal representation of your belief system. If you catch yourself saying disempowering phrases like, "I'm not creative", "I'm just lazy", "I'm always late", "Making money is hard", "I don't deserve _____", etc - those are generally the exact beliefs that are holding you back from living life to your full potential.

Once you've realized what your limiting beliefs are, you're ready to erase them forever so you can manifest your goals and live a life of emotional freedom.

Enjoy the journey!
Sean Smith

On Nov. 17th, 2005 Sean dropped all of his limiting beliefs in one powerful 12-minute exercise with the help of a coach. Within 18 months, his yearly income became his monthly income and his happiness in all areas of life skyrocketed. He's now a Certified Master Results Coach passing the same empowerment tools on to thousands of people.

That very same life-changing exercise, as well as tons of resources to help get you out of your own way, is waiting for you at now.

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