Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Dreams (Part 1)

By admin / June 5, 2007
By: Neoli Marcos
Category: Motivation

Had an odd dream lately where you found yourself in the most unlikely places? Our dreams are always telling us something, and the venues and settings in our dreams contribute a whole new layer and impact to their meanings.

Here are analyses of places you visit (or will visit yet) in your dreams.

Obviously, cliffs are signs of hardships and obstacles, but not necessarily so. If you dream you are on the edge of a cliff, looking down, it means you are facing obstacles in life which need a wider perspective from you. Falling into the ravine however means you need to regain your balance in real life, so be extra careful.

Attic rooms always have a scary, claustrophobic connotation with them, so if you dream of being in an attic, watch out if it is a cluttered, gloomy, and abandoned place. A clean and well-lit attic is a good sign though. Attics symbolize plans we haven't yet gotten around to making as well as the current state of our minds.

Ferris Wheel
Dreaming of Ferris Wheels signals either a happy return to childhood or a vicious cycle you want to end once and for all. It may be that you need to loosen a bit in your life and start enjoying risks; then again it could also be that you want to escape from the pressures of daily routine.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Not many have the chance to ride in a hot-air balloon, so dreaming of it means you haven'te been generous to yourself lately, and that you need to treat yourself to something you haven't done before, or something luxurious. After all, a balloon ride is adventurous and always exhilarating. On the other hand, you could also be concerned about your relationship with people; and you either need to escape or you want to be looked up.

Cemeteries are not always dreadful places, portending death and disaster. Cemeteries, in fact, can signal death of something you need to get rid of: a guilt, a vice, a sadness, or anger. Cemeteries can mean rebirth then. On the down side, dreaming of dark, open grave cemeteries can mean your fear of death, or concern about health.

Bathrooms are private enclosures, so dreams of being inside a bathroom can either mean an urgent need for cleansing or self-renewal, or a search for privacy, a hiding place where you can do things without anyone judging you. When you can't find the bathroom in your dream, it signifies that you are having difficulties in expressing your emotions or satisfying your urges.

The beach is a delicate meeting point of water and sand, which translate into the two states of your mind--the sand being the physical, tangible mind, while the ocean, its fleeting and spiritual counterpart. Dreaming of a being on the beach means a decision that needs your attention, depending on which state of your mind you choose to rule over.

A sleepwalking dream hunter, Neoli Marcos writes for PsychicGuild: online provider of free dream interpretation, horoscope and accurate psychic readings.

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