Change Is In Your Hands

By admin / December 9, 2007
By: Joe Lee
Category: Motivation

Many people are put off from what they really want to do in life simply because they do not have the belief in themselves that they can. For these people the words "if only" are their first thought. Little do they realize that they have the power within themselves to accomplish anything if they are willing to change. Simply by changing how you think and feel gives you the power to change to the kind of life you desire. Too often people think that change is beyond their control and so feel totally powerless to do anything to change the situation. However simply by changing ourselves or our outlook on life we can begin to take charge of our lives and make the changes needed. Decide what it is you want from life The first step to changing is deciding what it is exactly that you wish to change in your life or yourself. What are some aspects in your life that you wish to change? Write down exactly what it is that you wish to change, making a list of everything that you aren't happy with and what changes you wish to make. How we feel about ourselves has a lot to do with how we see life. If we are full of self-doubt and no confidence, it will be reflected in our outlook and it will get us down. So the first step is to take your life back into your own hands is to change your outlook. Taking the first steps The first thing you should realize is that you and only you has the power to change and the secret to this is freeing your mind and body to start moving forward and making the changes needed. With a more positive attitude you will be able to change the way you feel and react and more importantly what you are able to achieve. Once you have a different attitude towards life, you will realize things around changes as well. What used to be negative can be positive to you now. You will attract others who are as positive as you to support your growth and change. Of course the changes will be small in the beginning but slowly you will begin to realize that changes are happening and it is you that is making this happen. You don't have to rely on anyone else. Along with the positive changes you will feel better, have more self-esteem, confidence, be more enthusiastic and be self-motivated. Taking responsibility for your life and realizing that you alone hold the power to the changes that are happening around you. This will bring enormous self-satisfaction if you simply remember to always keep an open mind and remember that you have nothing to lose. Tips to help you change · Clear the clutter - start your new outlook by clearing out all the clutter that is unnecessary in your life, this can be anything from your old clothes in the back of the closet that you will never wear again or the pile of magazines or newspapers tucked in the corner. Throw it all away and start fresh and clean, getting rid of clutter is an excellent step towards changing your outlook and losing old baggage. · Attend a self-help course - if you need a helping hand to get you started then there are many classes that give help and advice for taking the first steps to taking control over your life. · Read books and watch DVD's - if going to a class is not for you then take advice from the many DVD's and books that are out there to gain inspiration and set you on the right path. Joe is an enlightened entrepreneur starting his business in an out-of-the-box way. Being in the training and distribution business, He has inspired thousands of people in his talks and workshops. Find out how you can take control of your life at

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