10 Tips On Preparing For The First Meeting With Your Attorney

By admin / May 10, 2007
By: Aaron Brooks
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When consulting a lawyer you need to keep in mind that fact that you will be paying for every minute of his or her time. So, it is important for you to prepare well for the first meeting. If you go well prepared and carry with you a file containing all details of the case then you will be able to keep the meeting short and to the point.

1. Be prepared to be completely professional and focused. Avoid outbursts of emotion or anger.

2. Make detailed notes and a list of points that you need to bring to the lawyer's attention.

3. Keep ready a page containing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of every person connected with the case including witnesses if any.

4. Make 2-3 sets of all relevant documents that play a role in the case.

5. Prepare to relate the story clearly without getting facts mixed up.

6. Be honest and open and upfront about any facts even if they are negative or bad. In case you are in the wrong your lawyer must know about it if he is to represent you efficiently.

7. Take notes when your lawyer speaks and if there is anything you don't understand ask for a clarification. And, ensure that you can do all he asks you to.

8. Discuss clearly the steps the lawyer will take. And ask how you can help by doing research or ground work.

9. Make an effort to clarify things like billing, rates, what is included and what would be billed over and above the agreed on rate.

10. Ask for an honest opinion on how the case is likely to fare in the courts. And

Ask the lawyer's assistant or secretary if you should send the case file a day or two before the meeting so that the lawyer can familiarize himself with the case details. This way in the first meeting itself the lawyer will be able to ask for clarifications or details.

The first meeting should inspire confidence and establish a strong foundation on which to build an understanding relationship. If a case is to progress well, you and the lawyer need to understand each other well and have a through understanding of what is important to the case and what is not. The lawyer must:

• Be interested in the case to give his best shot.

• Be professional and organised in his working systems.

• Be honest about the case and whether he has handles such matters previously.

You must present all facts clearly, not hide any wrongs on your part, be willing to understand how the law works and be prepared to devote time to help the lawyer.

If the two can work in tandem then the case will progress smoothly without hitches.

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