Proof that Hypnotherapy Is Not Just Quackery

By admin / August 2, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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There are a lot of myths about hypnosis, many of which instill great and unnecessary fear in one who could otherwise benefit greatly from its therapeutic potential. These fallacies range from a fear of being left in a hypnotic trance for days on end, to thinking that only those who are weak willed could be hypnotized, to an erroneous assumption that hypnotherapists are simply quacks.

For many people these assumptions and fears actually stop them in their tracks. They would not even consider using hypnosis because, well, it's quackery! This can be an assumption that is so much embedded in ones belief system that they do not get past go and gather information on the subject; Information and research that would undoubtedly change their minds.

We do this with many things in life. We make snap or instant decisions in the blink of an eye without even knowing upon what basis our subconscious minds came to those conclusions.

My mom was discussing yesterday why she has "always liked anchovies". Apparently anchovy sauce was a favorite of her grandfathers and so it was cooked a lot when she was growing up and thus she was introduced to it positively and frequently at a young age. She just cannot understand why anyone wouldn't like anchovy sauce! Now, I'm sure we can all relate to these types of scenarios. When something is familiar to us, we take it as given that it is normal.

It is not just taste preferences and behaviors that we assimilate in such an easy and unconscious manner. Attitudes and beliefs also sneak stealthily into our subconscious minds. Most often, we do not even know where such beliefs have sprung from, until you start to question them, of course.

This is how my mom came to work out why she loves anchovies so much whilst I have to admit to disliking them intensely! We don't often ask ourselves why we do things or why we think things. We just "do". We just "think". It's just "how it is" for us.

Sadly, hypnosis frequently falls into this abyss of unintentional conditioning. It is only once one does start to question why they hold such beliefs, and proceed to undertake a little research that they are able to open their minds to the many benefits which hypnotherapy offers.

Medical research from all over the World has proven time and again the efficacy of hypnosis in a myriad of arenas. Please don't take my word for it. I am biased, as I am in fact a hypnotherapist. But I do empathize with those who hold these negative and erroneous assumptions about hypnosis because I too once thought these same thoughts.

Once you start to investigate the subject of hypnosis you cannot be anything other than blown away by the evidence of its normality, ease of use, and effectiveness. Research in fact abounds upon the subject of hypnosis. I don't mean any old semi-research. I mean full-blown research projects carried out by very bright, very well qualified people.

Think Stanford, Harvard, UCLA et al. As I said before, don't just trust me. Look it up for yourself and you will find ample proof that hypnotherapy is anything but quackery. There is one slight proviso. A well qualified and experienced hypnotherapist is not a quack.

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