Web Collaboration And Teamwork Equals Success

By admin / December 17, 2007
By: Nahshon Mediros
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Get those customers through real time web collaboration. With a palette of appropriate tools, you and your team can boost sales. You'll have satisfied customers who wont hesitate to recommend you to their friends. Web Collaboration, What Is It All About? If you attend a meeting, you expect the following: 1. a prepared agenda. 2. presentation of reports. 3. 100% attendance. 4. discussions. 5. proper documentation of the proceedings. You can expect the same from web collaboration and more. You can use voice and chat features, or whatever is best to facilitate your sales pitch. You can use either the Internet or your telephone system to respond to your customer's queries. In spite of this amazing technology that allows talking to clients in different locations on the globe and sharing your graphs or PowerPoint presentations in real time, you still need the old stand-by - teamwork. Good teamwork will ensure that your web collaboration system is the most efficient there is in the corporate neighborhood. There's No "I" in Teamwork You've heard of this rallying pitch. True, there is no I in TEAMWORK. A team of workers are unified through collaborative and organized efforts to get things done properly and fast. When there's a scheduled web collaboration with clients or suppliers, get things going with your team. When you call the meeting, let everybody put in their two cents worth of ideas and discuss the viability of their proposals. Outline the agenda and the objective so all discussions wont get out of track. When everybody has an idea of what they are supposed to do, when to do it, how to do it, and with whom to coordinate with, the cogs of the wheels will work efficiently. If you're the team leader, make sure that you get the team well-motivated. This is the key to a successful endeavor. Being the team leader does not mean that all you have to do is order people around. You've got to dirty your hands too. When the team members see this in you, they'll work even harder, a sign that they recognize your role as a working head of the team. You have to foster the principle that everybody is good as everybody else. This kind of teamwork environment with the right people at the right tasks is the winning combination that will make any job, big or small, excellently executed. Everybody in Place for Web Collaboration Since web collaboration requires the sharing of web pages, your team must be ready with the necessary materials for presentation. You can work on the PowerPoint presentation if you have the know how to manipulate the program to result in a striking and well-balanced showcase. Somebody good at Excel sheets can prepare the financial report, another who has the expertise of understanding the collaboration software can show the team how it works. The writers in the group can prepare the necessary content and videos for live desktop streaming. You can say that everybody at their post are doing their jobs well. When the big day arrives to convince the client that your product is superior, affordable, and is exactly what they need, you'll cinch the sale in real time. Why? Everything has been done the right way, and smartly too. That's why web collaboration and teamwork should work together. About the author: For your web collaboration needs, check out the group collaboration software that's taking businesses by storm. You can also take advantage of various collaborative tools. Check out Web-Conferencing-Zone.com today for the best options.

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