How To Build Confidence And Command Courage

By admin / April 5, 2012

Courage is a quality that we would all aspire to develop and possess by the bucket load. Everyone appreciates the value of courage. Yet timidity and fear can so easily form barriers to this valuable commodity.

Confidence and strength can at times become, in a sense, contagious. A clear example of this is shown in the movie "The Help" which depicts a particular situation set in Mississippi during the 1960’s. The conflict which many people at that time felt so deeply between what they knew was morally correct and the amoral rules of society relating to Blacks and Whites resulted in a situation that cried out for public displays of courage.

In this movie, Skeeter displays such strength in the face of public disapproval and tunnel vision. Eventually her courage did become contagious. The movie ends at a point where her mother has "caught" her daughter's strength. There are many other huge examples of courage displayed by many individuals throughout this movie. It is a truly brilliant movie. I would happily watch it again.

Courage is often displayed at unexpected times. Whilst one may not think that they possess any strength or inner steel at all, they will suddenly surprisingly discover that they are indeed acquitted with this asset when they have finally been pushed too far. In a sense one may discover their store of courage at the very moment whereby they have stopped caring. And as this feeling surges forwards, they begin to care again and realize that they can rise to succeed against the challenges of life. Until that moment, fear and timidity had gotten in the way of their courage.

Everyone can command courage. When you feel sufficiently passionate about an issue you will stand firm, dig your toes in and show strength. The degree of your passion is reflected in the quantity of courage that you access. The more you think about something, the more you will feel about it and the more passion you will experience.

It is unfortunately frequently an easier option to simply brush disturbing thoughts to one side and to turn a blind eye. In doing this you also sweep away those upsetting feelings and your ability to dig deeper into your stores of strength, confidence and inner steel.

This happens in so very many circumstances, be it at work, in friendships or relationships, in sport, or in the wider society and the world in general. It would seem that we each have our individual tipping point whereby we are no longer willing to "take any more" and begin to stand up for ourselves and to fight back. One thing for sure though is that we do all have courage somewhere within us; we just have to reach that point whereby we set our courage free.

Hypnosis is a very useful aid at such a time. Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind, which is the part that thinks and acts automatically and instinctively. Thus with hypnosis you can dig into this part of your mind that jumps to conclusions and responds instinctively to situations and circumstances. These responses can thus be adjusted and changed for the better with the help of hypnosis.

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