Classroom Management Problems? You Need A Classroom Management Plan

By admin / May 7, 2009
By: Adam Waxler
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If you're still having classroom management problems then you need to establish some type of classroom management plan. There is no one simple trick that will solve all of your classroom management problems, but if you have some type of overall strategy or classroom management plan you will certainly see an immediate decline in classroom management problems.

Any solid classroom management plan begins by setting the rules and procedures. As I have stated over and over again, teachers must go beyond simply "telling" students the rules and procedures...they must actually model those procedures as well as have the students practice those procedures for themselves.

Just think about a typical middle school student for a moment...that student is going to have as many seven different classes each day, with different teachers, different personalities, and different classroom rules and procedures. Whose rules do you think the students are more likely to follow...the ones that were just given to them on a piece of paper and told to get signed, or the ones in which the students actually went through the motions of practicing those procedures themselves. The answer is obvious.

Furthermore, if teachers really want to reduce classroom management problems then they must present their classroom management plan with conviction! Any hint of self-doubt, questioning, or uncertainty, and the students will sense that there is some wiggle room. And believe me, if they think they can wiggle...they'll wiggle.

Therefore, make sure to present your classroom rules and procedures with conviction and then make sure you model those rules/procedures AND have the students practice them as well. Any classroom management plan that follows this format will see an immediate reduction in classroom management problems.

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