Women Men Love Communicate in the Bedroom

By: Lilith King
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Have you ever had a guy practically break his neck because he turned around so quick to check you out? Women men love receive these glances but they give then in return, too! A look like this lets a guy know that you are fun and very self confident. Women usually let the guy make the first move. That is fine as long as you send signals that reassure him that it is ok for him to approach you.

Women men love like to flirt. Flirts will also satisfy his need to be desired. Just as women have a need to be wanted, men do, too. Men want to be needed and this can be fulfilled through compliments, flirts and sex. Let your man know that you dig him. Let him know that you want him. Especially behind closed doors. Vocalizing that you need him and like what he is doing to you in the bedroom will help to strengthen your relationship. It will make him happy to please you and it will help you to learn what turns you on completely.

Frigidness will just turn him off. So will playing mind games with him. Do not ever do this. It will certainly make your relationship more difficult to improve. You will take ten steps backwards by playing games. The idea is to move forward in your relationship and only true openness will achieve this.

Use your togetherness during sex to communicate creativity and intimacy. Your self confidence will go a long way. It will let your guy know that you value the special time that you spend alone together. Men like to know that they are needed they are just like you and need confirmation that they are valued. Saying this will only draw you closer together.

By improving how you treat your man in bed you will also improve your skills to compliment him on the other things he does for you outside of the bedroom. These techniques will open the channel for communication in all areas of the relationship. He is not going to get scared off by your new venturesome spirit. Guys like to hear you vocalize your desires. It is a big turn on that pays off by strengthening the closeness that you have already achieved in your relationship.

The bonds that you build in your relationship now will only help to keep your relationship powerful for a long time. Women men love are determined to keep their relationship strong and consistently seek way to improve communication in all aspects of their life.

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