Why Am Not Attracting What I Want?

By: John Halderman
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Are you trying to follow The Law of Attraction or a spiritual teaching to get what you want, but it's not working? You might be performing self sabotage on yourself without knowing it. There are thought patterns in your subconscious mind that might be automatically be asking for something entirely different.

One of the common misconceptions with any of the various methods of managing your thoughts to attract what you want in life is that all you have to do is think a little bit about it, and it will appear. This is gross over simplification. We are attracted to that which we desire, but at a much deeper level than just conscious thought.

Conscious thought is an important factor to using what is called The Law of Attraction, or the teachings of Jesus or several other methods, but they all include much more. The basic connection between the idea of what you want and the actual experience of it is through your energy vibration.

Your energy vibrates at different levels based on your thoughts and feelings. And this includes what are called unconscious thoughts, those thoughts that are operating automatically without your awareness. These thoughts function the same as the thoughts that keep your physical body running smoothly without your moment to moment interaction.

So what can happen is that you can be thinking one set of thoughts consciously and a different set of thoughts may be functioning in your mind unconsciously. Both thoughts are affecting your overall energy vibration, thus the signal sent out to Universal Intelligence. Until you are a vibrational match to that which you desire, you will not experience it!

Being a vibrational match is the true key to manifesting what you want. You may ask for something consciously, you may fully believe it's possible, you may totally trust in Source , God, to provide, and you may be doing what you can to be the person who is or has what you want - and nothing!

What may be going on is that you may be harboring thought patterns which are in opposition to what you want. Your can be self sabotaging yourself though your own thinking! You may have thought patterns, usually beliefs, that are opposed to what you are now saying you want. And this can affect what your mind allows you to actually do and experience. It certainly affects your overall level of vibration in terms of aligning with the vision of what you want.

What this means is, if you are not realizing what you are now desiring, you must learn more about yourself and your unconscious thinking.

One basic and very common example; You are working on having more money in your life, and no matter what you have been doing, it's just not coming. You may discover that unconsciously you have some dislike, resentment or even hatred for wealthy people . . . and now you are wanting to be one! I think you can see the problem.

Your energy vibrates based on your entire self, not just what you say you want. All thoughts and feelings have an affect on your energy. So you could be essentially opposing yourself with your own thoughts and feelings that were programmed in to your mind unbeknownst to you sometime in the past.

The Law of Attraction, or whatever label you give it, is always working perfectly, it just might not be returning what you expected. You will always experience life based on your predominate thought and feeling, actually your energy vibration. If you want more money and you dislike people who have lots of money, anyone, you will get more of what you are asking for. More wanting mixed with dislike.

Plus, your mind will not allow you to be, do or have something which you dislike. You can't both like and dislike at the same time! It's up to you to figure out what is really going on with your thinking, all of it, if you want to better direct your life experience. Everything in the Universe and within you is functioning just fine. Your thinking, the gatekeeper, just needs more attention.

John Halderman
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