Importance of Visualization in LOA

By: Rhonda Byrne
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Visualization is an easy tool that is used to create reality through daydreaming, mental rehearsals, imagination and fantasizing. However with the lack of power of these images, visualization is usually used to created unwanted experiences where the greatest fears are mentally rehearsed over and over in the minds.Many people use the power of visualization in visualizing the type of response that would be given on being robbed or attacked or perhaps the death of a loved one. This is where the power of mental imagery is being used to create unnecessary things in one's life. It was recently that the power of visualization techniques was taught widely in the society for better reasons.Employers now train their employees to use visualization in the improvement of performance and production. Coaches consider mental rehearsal a great means of increasing athletic performance while students use visualization in the improvement of test scores. People following diet programs are encouraged on visualizing a thin and beautiful body. It is also found that the power of mental imagery increases the immune system and lowers a person's blood pressure and heart rate. This is why medical professionals teach patients to use visualization techniques to aid them in the currently ongoing medical treatments.

As it can be seen, visualization techniques can be applied in many areas of one's life where they are used to create the experience you wish to experience. Positive visualization is composed of two components where you develop a clear image of what you want to create and combine this with a strong positive emotion. It is not necessary to have a picture as a mental image; it can also be words, thoughts or sensations.The first step to positive visualization lies in deciding what exactly you wish to create in your life; if this is not decided upon, you can create using "broad brushstrokes'. This is a concept where you define the general events in your life, while omitting specific details. So if you don't know have an idea of a life partner, you envision a harmonious, joyful and romantic relationship. With this image, you generate feelings of love and joy in your mind. Once these board brushstrokes are developed, you wait till the universe fills in the details of the picture you had created. Once you are sure of the details you want in your image, you can imagine these events in your mind's eye. You can create something specific, but its manifestation comes in quickly if you leave all responsibility of filling up of the details in the creation to the Higher Self. So if you wish to have a new car, you can believe that God will get you the best car possible. You just have to imagine yourself driving a car of no particular model and car and you will find God surprising you with something much better than you had imagined. So it can be said that visualization is a very powerful tool of the consciousness where you combine visualization and prayer, love or faith to overcome any crisis that you may face.

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