Have You Heard All The Hype About The Secret?

By: Bronwyn Evans
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First the DVD was released, and then the book, and then the audio book was available. These products are now followed with the Science of Getting Rich program which promises to show you how to attract what you want into your life.

The imagery of the genie in the DVD assuring that "your wish is my command" has led many into believing that all they need to do is ask and all the riches of the world will be forthcoming for them. These promises are supported again and again by successful and well-known people, offering us all everything that we want.

And whilst The Secret has become a world-wide phenomenon with millions purchasing it and hoping to change their lives, this has just been the trigger for the critics to come out of the woodwork.

Try these quotes from Australia's biggest selling newspaper, the Herald Sun (Bryan Patterson, 29/04/2007):

"The supposed secret is basically the law of attraction that goes something like this: if you wish for something you will get it. All you have to do is 'put in your order with the universe'."


"It's an inexact pseudo-science where superstition is mistaken for spirituality and materialism is the goal. It is basically a recycling of the positive-thinking theory with a nasty twist."

So what's the real story?

Is it all a bunch of hype so that a few people can sell a lot of products and make a motza?

Or is it for real?

*** What The Law of Attraction Really Says

The sceptics are quick to take a simplistic view of the Law. The sceptics talk about magically getting what you want through a few positive thoughts ... but this ISN'T what the Law of Attraction says.

The Law of Attraction is that you attract everything into your life through your thoughts. Your thoughts are the magnets that attract things, experiences and people to you.

In The Secret, the three steps of the Creative Process are identified:

1. Ask for what you want

2. Believe it's already yours

3. Receive

And whilst these sound simple enough, there are some subtleties that the cynics miss.

* You need clarity on what it is that you want.

* You need to take inspired action to manifest your desires.

* Your emotions are the barometer of the attraction process - if you're feeling good, then you're attracting good things, if you're feeling bad, then you're attracting bad things.

* It may happen quickly, but it won't necessarily happen in seconds.

* If you send out a conflicting message, then your original message will get lost.

* You need to be receptive to what is coming. This generally translates into gratitude for what you have.

I've seen none of these points mentioned by The Secret Cynics!

It is worth pointing out that The Secret isn't new. And despite it being said that those who knew of it in times gone by kept it secret, there are some famous works with the same message.

Chief among these are The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. When these were first published, they had a limited audience due to the technology of the time. Now, however, both books are readily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

For many, The Secret is the first taste of the powerful Law of Attraction that governs our Universe. People see it and get excited. Then, when the millions fail to appear they dismiss it and continue with the drudgery of their lives with dashed hopes.

Don't be one of those people! Embrace the true Law of Attraction and change your life.

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