For Success In Life, You Don’t Have To Figure Anything Out

By: John Halderman
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A key to success with The Law of Attraction that many get stuck on is with thinking that they need to figure out what they want and then how to attract it to them. This is not the case, what you are to attract to you is the physical experience of something already known to the Intelligent Universe. The idea of something and the physical experience are already known.

Because you get an idea to do something, it is already possible within the Universe. If there is an idea available for you to 'catch' about having, being or doing something, that physical experience is already available. In Mind, the Universe already has the end result, some physical action will need to be taken for you to experience it physically yourself. (my terms Mind and the Universe can be replaced with God or Spirit) You are getting the idea because it's possible and the Universe is offering you the option to experience it. This is where our choice comes in, do we choose to follow through with these divine offers or not.

The how and what you ought to do in order to actually experience it is also known to the Universe. Since you are an individual expressive part of the Universe, you can find out what to do and how to do it, you just have to ask. This may not be as straight forward as you want as you will see in a minute. You existing thinking can be in the way, even to the point of preventing you from focusing on certain thinking you want to do.

It's much like working under someone at a job who is giving the directions. They (the Universe) tells you what you will do (you get an idea) and then you ask (the Universe through yourself) what should I do to get started on this? They (the Universe) respond (you notice an intuitive thought) with the first step of action for you to take. You, then proceed to take this action or actions as directed, knowing that the outcome is assured because it came from the source (the Universe) that knows how it's done.

Through the years I have noticed something you may have also noticed yourself. I'm one that on the surface likes to be in charge, the boss, team leader, etc. But I have found that I am much more comfortable in a role being a cog in the wheel supporting the common outcome. I get clear on what I am to do and seek to do it at my best as well as be able to see how my part integrates with the others, being able to support and assist the others. Why I bring this up here is because in that role, I am not the one needing to figure out exactly what needs to be done, I just do my part well and have an 'eye' open to how it fits in to the whole. There is not the pressure of knowing it all. This is actually the perspective to take when learning to effectively interact with the intelligent Universe.

What a relief there is in knowing that you don't actually have to figure anything out. You just have to ask what to do and then follow through with what you are told in support of the physical expression of the idea. Understanding this can help eliminate all the fear, doubt and worry associated with our thinking that we are solely responsible for what and how to accomplish a desired outcome.

There is however something that can get in the way of your getting, receiving or hearing the answers to your questions about what and how. And that's you, actually your thinking. First you have to know that this communication is possible and that you are worthy of both receiving it and of carrying out the idea. Then you must be able to differentiate between your intuitive thought messages and your ego's protection based thought. Your unconscious mind is designed to help you do two things, feel good and function in an efficient manner. While these are both good for you, your unconscious mind can set up beliefs, perspectives and habits that may not continue serve you as you grow and develop. And the part which is commonly called the ego, is really quite emphatic about protecting what it understands that you wanted, at least at some point in your life. Much of what is taught about the Law of Attraction or any personal growth and development for that matter does not touch on this crucial aspect of dealing with your thought.

This is a subject all it's own, but it is useful to know how the normal function of your unconscious mind can set up automatic processes that you may no longer want, and that you can change them. Impressions we were given growing up, specific ways we reacted in the past and the way our perspectives have developed all can be involved in the automatic thought patterns our mind has developed. Your unconscious mind was just following what you told it you wanted, through your thoughts at the time. It does not question the thoughts held in the conscious mind.

Your conscious mind actually has thought command over your unconscious mind, but you must exercise this command. This is worth looking into more if you are not getting clear communication with your higher self in the form of intuitive ideas and in being able to ask questions and get answers about actions to take. We each have a purpose, a reason, specific expressions available to experience, and with careful attention to the intuitive ideas you receive you can discover this.

Learning to operate your life in a way that allows you to experience more joy and satisfaction can take time, it is not usually accomplished in one seminar, course or from reading one book, it is the result of an ongoing daily practice. It's the daily 'practice' of life. We are designed and equipped to constantly grow and expand our lives, we are each individual points of self expression of the Universe (of God).

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