Change Your Subconscious For the Better- A Simple Excercise for Prosperity

By: Jane Ma`ati Smith
Category: Attraction

Your subconscious mind is not as mysterious or as inaccessible as you might think..... do you know that same old running dialog you keep going over and over in your head? What are you thinking about when you wake up in the morning? What are the things you keep telling yourself? What are the thoughts you are pushing away, and ignoring?

I am going to outline a very simple project is to help you get in touch with what is really going on in your head...

All you will need is a small pocket size day book calendar, or a simple notebook.

This is very simple- Every day, you will-

#1- Keep track of what you are thinking about that is NOT helpful towards your goals. You will probably need to create a sort of short hand or abbreviated notation of what you are thinking about- guaranteed, it will more than fill a page, so try and create a symbol for different types of thoughts, like a heart for relationships, dollar sign for money, etc. These are the thoughts that say, I'm not good enough, I don't have enough, blaming others for your problems, dwelling on and worrying about things you can't change, etc. You know what I am talking about! Remember, you are to "fill your leisure hours, contemplating your vision". How can you do this, when you are filling your leisure hours (or minutes) contemplating your stupid, low paying job, your disadvantaged childhood, the aggravation your family causes you, etc, etc. You will be AMAZED at how many little symbols you mark down, one after another! But this will lessen, the more you listen to the self hypnosis program, and are mindful of your thoughts.

#2- For every positive thought you give towards your goals, to contemplating your vision, give yourself a symbolic $10.There is nothing that motivates like a little green stuff! This will get your mind used to the idea that positive thoughts will create positive results. And you can create a symbol for the positive thoughts you seem to nurture the most; this will point you in the direction of your "next step", the goals and desires that have the strongest pull forward along your path.

#3- Give the negative thoughts a value of $1, and subtract them from the positive thoughts. Keep track of this "ledger style" like an accountant. By the time you are "making a profit" from your positive thoughts, you will definitely be well on your way to success!

Jane Ma'ati Smith

Hypnotist, Sound Energy and a Vibrational Reiki Master

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