7 Reasons the Law of Attraction May Not Be Working For You

By: Kari Farmer
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As I've said many times before the law of attraction is a real law just like other laws of science out there and if you are not using it to your advantage then you are missing out a huge tool that will impact your life positively.

If you are having problems manifesting what you want in your life then you will want to read the rest of this article.

Here are 7 reasons the law of attraction may not be working for you and how to fix it.

1. You don't really understand how it works

You may have watched the movie the secret and understand that you can attract the things you want in life but you don't have an underlining sense of why it actually works that way!

The only way to fix this problem is to keep studying and learning about the law of attraction until you really understand the inside and out of it all. The great news is that there are so many teachers out there that are teaching the law of attraction that you will always have a new way to look at it or understand it.

2. You are so set in your beliefs that you just can't believe anything else.

Your mother told you that you can't be a successful dancer in life because it will take you nowhere in life. You believe this with all your heart and give up on trying because there is no use.

A belief is a belief and it affects your thoughts and therefore your attraction 100 percent. You have to realize that your beliefs are attracting what you want or don't want into your life and the only way to change the way you think and attract what you want is to change your beliefs.

Remember that just because someone told you so doesn't actually make it so.

3. Fear rules your life.

You are scared to admit to what you want because you are scared you will not get it. You feel it's better to live without then to be disappointed in the end.

I'm sure you've heard the saying that the only thing to fear is fear itself. And it's so true! Fear holds so many people back from doing what they want and accomplishing things in life that would make them proud of themselves that it's absolutely insane.

Remember that if you spend your whole life in fear you will never know if there was really nothing to be afraid of because you will never try.

4. You are not putting any action behind what you want to manifest.

You want a huge house in the country and you are sitting on your butt waiting for it. How can you expect to get anything in life without actually putting some action towards getting it!

Once you start putting action behind your words, wants, and thoughts you will start to see things shifting into place for you. Opportunities will come alive to move closer to your manifestation and you will find that you are attracting things to you faster then ever.

So if you want to become a writer then you are going to have to write!

5. You don't want to go against the grain of your family or friends.

Your family says that the law of attraction is stupid and made up and even though your heart tells you differently you don't want them to think you are doing something silly, so you don't.

Families have a huge influence over us but the truth is that even if you are different they will still love you and accept you in the family. The bigger truth is that they may even recognize what you are doing as healthy and something they want to do and soon that silly thing will become a family trait.

6. You want bad things for others.

You hate that your co-worker makes more then you and you don't want your neighbor to have the boat that you've been trying to attract. Instead of just wishing bad things for others you are also stopping your good things from coming.

You can't wish bad things on other people because you spend so much time being negative which is not going to help you stay on a positive vibration of attracting good things.

7. You don't use affirmations in your life.

Saying that you are rich in the mirror over and over seems stupid and pointless to you.

The only way to really belief something is to convince yourself of its truth. Your beliefs right now are thoughts that you have told yourself are true because of experience or just the fact that it makes sense.

Affirmations consistently put those thoughts in your brain to think about, to picture, to mull over, and to finally accept as a belief. Affirmations are not stupid, they are powerful tools for the law of attraction.


Kari has been studying and using the law of attraction for many years and shares her best resource of learning on her website Manifest Connection.

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