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By admin / November 15, 2010
By: Keerti Reddy
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Krishna Sagar is a corporate coach & strategist of international repute and is the founder CEO of Matrix Mentoring Pvt. Ltd. He is a strategy consultant in the focus areas of 'Family Managed Business’, ‘Corporate Identity & Branding’ ‘Marketing Strategy’ and ‘Strategic Growth Management’ for organizations. According to Sagar 'it is Mundane Management that we should worry about' . He Believes in talking about new perspectives to individuals and organizations worldwide and igniting the human spirit to overcome rising challenges and celebrate life. Sagar is a professional keynote speaker with a strong, inspiring and timely message of overcoming adversity and keeping the dream alive.

Sagar has trained over 1000's of senior executives and professional across diverse domains. He leads audiences to a deep state of listening, allowing them to experience and process the content of his message within their own environments and thus immediately integrate it into their personal and professional lives. Corporations and organisations worldwide are experiencing Sagar's presentations and seminars to be effective in transforming attitudes, creating positive outlooks, encouraging proper action and improving performance. His book 'Summit Your Everest' is about 'Effective Obstacle & Failure Management '. The book is to encourage individuals to summit their personal everest and set higher goals for themselves and be an inspiration to others.

YReach is proud to present Krishna Sagar. YReach is a local lifestyle platform for everything that is local. Get all the information you want about events, movies, music and businesses. "Be Inspired" and participate in the seminar organised by YReach. Be the change today!

YReach's "Be Inspired" - a seminar by Krishna Sagar (corporate coach & strategist of international repute ) on work-life balance, stress management on 13th November at Prasad Labs, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Opp. Cinemax. To Register log on to YReach.com.

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