Running Away From Reality

By admin / June 6, 2011

How does one run away from reality? You might say that you can turn a blind eye or deaf ear and simply neither see nor hear what is going on. Alternatively you might perhaps see what is happening but not allow yourself to feel any emotional response to the situation. You could see something that is happening but interpret its meaning quite differently to that which is obvious. And of course, you could turn tail and flee.

There are probably many more ways which one could find so as to avoid a reality which you do not wish to deal with. In the movie "Black Swan" you can see how someone might find a release of emotion is enabled by drawing blood; most people do not experience this reaction, but for some people self-harm is used to provide some form of release and relief.

It is not uncommon for a person to choose to focus on a physical symptom of something as opposed to tracking down emotional causes. It is an easy way in which one can turn a blind eye and run away from reality whilst at the same time kidding yourself that you are in fact doing everything that you can to help yourself.

We get colds and flu like symptoms and simply take pills and potions to alleviate the symptoms without thinking to look at the root causes and employ some form of preventative measures. We suffer from anxiety and depression and many of us are more likely to take pills than to look inside our minds and see what is actually causing our issues.

And so although one can see how it is possible to run away from reality in many different ways, it is also clear that we create our own reality in the way in which we choose to focus. The reality which we create is based upon how we chose to see the world. This is our own unique and personal reality. For us it is real, whereas an observer may say that we have simply made it up through the way in which we have chosen to focus.

Once we understand that we do indeed create our own reality through our choice of observation and focal points, we can also appreciate that we can also change our reality simply by changing the way in which we think.

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