The Moment You Are Born…

By admin / October 2, 2006
By: Vitae Bergman
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The Moment You Are Born...

The moment you are born, your destiny has been set. But don't panic!

This doesn't mean your life is pre-programmed, and there is no

wriggle room. You are still in control. Free will is always the first

law of the universe.

Yet, paradoxically, my first statement is true. A life plan has been

set in motion. It is no accident as to precisely when you are born.

On another level of existence, the time and date has been


Who put your life program into action? You. Yes, you did - and a few

others, entities you could call your guides, allies, mentors, spirit

friends. The "You" I am pointing to is not the person you know as

yourself living in a body on this planet earth. This "you" is you as

the Soul Being whom you are eternally.

From that level of existence, you made a plan for this particular

life-sojourn. The day you are born and the name you receive from your

parents [and that naming is also an event that has its origins in the

spirit level of existence] represent keys to knowing the "Plan" for

this life you have been given.

This "Plan" is your Destiny.

Whether you live up to the plan is another question. Life is always a

gamble. Even the spirit being who you are, the You-as-Soul who has

made the plan - that Being has no assurance whether the Destiny it

has devised will be fulfilled.

So, you, as the personality, the egoic-being who is the executor for

Soul, may have your own plans for this life, plans that do not

necessarily coincide with the Soul Plan.

Such can quite frequently be the case. Lives lived out of sync with

Soul Purpose, however, tend to be lives of struggle and discontent.

No matter if the life appears as a successful life in the eyes of the

world. No matter if you have attained to a position of prominence.

Such accomplishments may be your ideal, may be seen as the perfect

life according to the social ideals of your time and place.

But not what you-as-Soul really want and need to experience in this

life-sojourn. This is a different matter, and one that needs to be

examined. You must launch yourself into an inner journey, delve

deeply within self, and come to know what those inner urgings wish

for you. Intuitively, you have access to this inner knowing.

Intuitively , you can sense what your life is intended for and what

direction you must take to satisfy the inner needs of your real self.

All too often, in today's world, we are the pawns of society's needs,

not our own. We must become authentically ourselves...and not a servo-

mechanism for society. We must follow our Destiny if we truly desire

supreme happiness, true contentment.

One way to get in touch with this inner-known life plan Soul has

designed, is to employ one or more of the so-called esoteric tools,

which, down through the ages, have been used and proven to be


One such tool is numerology. There are several systems available. The

Pythagorean system, which I have expanded upon, delves precisely into

this question of Soul Purpose.

This brief article cannot do justice to the subject matter. It's

meant primarily to whet your appetite for more information.

Obviously. To learn more, please visit my web page,

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