The Connection Between Love and Resilience

By admin / December 12, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Opening yourself to love not only allows you to enter into nurturing relationships, it also promotes good health and well-being. This effect can often be seen even to the naked eye. We describe someone who is in love as "glowing" because their skin takes on a beautiful luster and everything about them seems to come alive, to dance and to sparkle. A person in love becomes radiant.

Someone who is in love will find that they feel more vibrant and animated. They can barely sleep and live in a whirl of excitement and anticipation. They seem to have an endless store of energy and nothing appears to be too much trouble.

The aspects that are less obvious to the naked eye are more obvious to those who are involved in the medical profession. Medical research has identified an irrevocable connection between good relationships and better health. The better your relationship and the more supportive your home environment the healthier you are likely to be and the longer you will live.

These latter mentioned benefits of opening yourself to love frequently go unnoticed by the majority of people who just assume their good health is due to good genes, healthy living or just good luck. They are a long-term effect of love and so not so easy to connect in our minds. Cause and effect in this case does not appear to us in an obvious manner.

There is an undeniable connection between love and resilience. We need love in the same way as a flower blossoms in sunlight. Without love, we wither. We experience love in many forms. To have a one to one close and loving relationship is only one aspect of love. To treat everyone and everything you come across in life with a loving intent is equally important.

Love and peace are the opposites of anger and hate. One nurtures whilst the other destructs. Love is like sunshine as compared to the volcanic lava and ash of anger and hate. Which would you prefer to bathe in, or to be bathed in?

It is actually your preference, your choice, that dictates this particular outcome. What you give out you tend to get back. Give freely of love and you will usually receive love in return, and you should also receive a big paycheck in the future in terms of good health.

Love brings both happiness and good health. There are any number of good reasons why we should not harden our hearts to love. There are very few reasons, if any, to support an opposite choice. If fear or ideas about self-protection hold you back from opening yourself to love, then it is important that you realize that you can choose to overcome those blockages.

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