Social Phobia Demands a Lot of Effort

By admin / December 17, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Sometimes there are hidden factors which prevent you from putting the effort into things which you would like. Anyone who is shy will identify with the feeling of being held back. You can put a façade upon your shyness and appear quite confident to the majority of people, most of the time, but you will tend to stay within your known limits. Your shyness can become an enormous barrier which prevents you from testing your limits and expanding.

Others may not realize that you are shy, and yet you yourself spend so much time worrying about what others will think. Others are more likely to think that you do not want to be doing such and such, that you cannot be bothered, and so on. A shy person, or someone with social phobia, can become so good at putting on their social mask that they do not realize what signals they are transmitting. Their main focus tends to be upon appearing unconcerned and relaxed; but others may simply think that you cannot be bothered.

Those who know you well will know that you are bothered, that you do care and that you really do want to step outside that barrier and expand in life. The people who are less likely to realize this are your work colleagues, who see you sitting quietly in meetings and discussions, doing your best to stay out of the limelight. But in this day and age, and in the types of office environments in which so many of us work, you have to find your voice and be heard so as to avoid being passed over.

When you are shy or socially phobic your effort is not a true portrait of yourself. At least, the effort which others see is not a true portrait. In actual fact you will be making far more effort beneath the surface than most other people; they just don't usually get to see it. To suffer from social phobia is hard work. Everything takes more effort than it would otherwise and you do not even get the credit for it.

You do not have to continue to suffer from social phobia. A phobia is not part of your genetic programming; it is something which is learned through experience and your formative younger years are usually the time when this anxiety pattern gets started. As the years go by you tend to live within this pattern and each subsequent experience merely reinforces your beliefs and expectations about being socially phobic.

With a little bit of help you can learn to alter these patterns of thought. Habitual thought processes are deep rooted, and they reside at the back of your mind, in the subconscious. With hypnosis you can access this deeper recess within your mind and learn new and empowering ways of thinking. Overcoming social phobia is a lot easier than you might think with the help of hypnosis.

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