IT Can Be Good Or IT Can Be Bad – Its All Up To You

By admin / May 23, 2007
By: Theresa Twogood
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What is 'IT' that once experienced leads to more of the same 'IT'? What is 'IT' if bad that feeds off of and gobbles up every good and simple pleasure known to man; but when good, gobbles up all negativity equally as well? What is 'IT' that once realized makes one undertake the mission of passing 'IT' on to as many people as possible as if playing a game of tag! What is 'IT' that we humans feel we must pass back a forth daily if not hourly? Why do we who understand "IT' to be either bad or good, however still allow others to continue sharing the bad "IT' with us? What is 'IT' that if allowed to continue or remain bad can and will at times lead to clinical depression as well as serious panic and anxiety issues?

By now we all recognize that 'IT' refers to the state of our mental state of being. "IT' can be either good or bad; it's all up to the individual. Why then is it that now-a-days we adults seem so bent on sharing and passing negative "IT' with each other, back and forth? Are we modern adult's just gluttons for punishment? Why do we allow others to continue to share their negative "IT' with us or better known as, 'neg' us out? This isn't referring to the simple act of retelling a sad story or a bad news occurrence. No, this is referring to the constant focus of only bad, sad or negative things without any hope of redeemsion or chance of improvement as if one enjoyed when things were all bad. That is true negativity or a very bad "IT'.

Many adults today have kicked the smoking habit because of being told of all the bad and negative effects it would have on our bodies and over all health. Once we understood the message about smoking we became finicky and demanding that others stop smoking around us as, because we didn't want to be exposed to second-hand-smoke. Right? Was that the right thing to do in retrospect? If so then should we then, right here and now make a similar declaration of war upon all those who find it necessary to spread and share their negative "IT'? We all completely understand that negativity must "gobble up' all hope, satisfaction and general happiness in order to survive. Let's be perfectly clear here, we are not opposed to another re-telling of a terrible tragedy or sad news story. We need to declare war only on those who purposely spread and share their negative "IT' for the sole purpose of turning another into a person with a very negative "IT', or "neg-ing' another out and being a "Debbie downer'!

While on the subject of declarations, take this simple verbal affirmation and repeat each and every new day. Why? Because it will ward off all the effects of the ones who must "neg' others out! Say this simple thought or affirmation each new day; "I am living in the period of time that someday, someone, somewhere will look back upon with affection and say, that was the "good ole days'! All the daily negativity and general bad news will melt away and only the good and positive things will rise to the surface to be remembered! Sounds too simple? Well it is just that simple! No need to make things complicated for the sake of complication!

With your new daily affirmation, hope for a better tomorrow for you and your family, no matter what has to happen to make "IT' better, believe and "IT' will happen. Why? Because just as hopelessness and negativity can and will stifle any good intention so will being hopeful and positive work to bring about more good and pleasant things. This isn't just my point of view but rather simple universal laws, and they must work this way.

Remember this key point to all of this. Regardless of what you think, you will never have nor receive enough of 'IT'! Whatever your "IT' is, you can and will never have enough of "IT'. Might as well make your "IT' good and full of wonderful things for you and your family and then sit back and watch "IT' blossom and bloom before your very eyes! Also see to it that you are the opposite of the ones who "neg' others out and be positive and hopeful for another, today. They just might need a helping hand. Once positive and hopeful things are being exchanged, negative ones aren't and everyone will have a good "IT"! Pretty simple, but remember it is a simple universal law! It must work that way!

When pondering upon tomorrow, think not of all the bad and terrible things that could or should happen. Rather think only that good and positive things will be the result of your positive "IT'. You just may be surprised at how you of all people, just changed tomorrow for the better by being or having a positive "IT'. Pretty amazing I must admit; give it a try and surprise yourselves.

<BR>Theresa Twogood is Executive Director of OLIN e-Publishing Company- -Denver Colorado-USA.

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