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By admin / January 31, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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How many people do you know who are really content with their life, happy with their lot, completely satisfied with what they have got? I frequently find myself looking around in amazement as I perceive so very many people who seem to be unhappy and dissatisfied these days. Everyone wants more.

The 1960's marked a time when so very many people began to realize that perhaps they could have more of what they had previously felt denied of. The growth in the self-help, self-improvement and self-empowerment niche has enabled a lot of people to stretch and grow and achieve amazing feats. At the same time however there are many other people who think that they should have achieved more and therefore feel that they have missed out.

In earlier years when you did not think that it was possible to achieve more it was easy to accept that you had what you had; it was not complicated to feel that you were where you were meant to be in life and therefore feel satisfied and happy. In contrast when you think and believe that you could have or do anything and everything, it is possible to feel a sense of pressure that you SHOULD do or have more. It is far easier to feel inadequate or that you have under-achieved.

When the opportunity was not there, you had nothing to miss. But when the opportunity appears to be out in the open and easily seen, then more people will want it. The whole basis of advertising is that once you see it you will want it. The only catch is that you are generally required to apply appropriate effort so as to move in the direction of achieving more of what you want.

If you want more you do indeed need to know specifically what you want more of and you also need to have the tools and the expertise (or the ability to obtain these essential components) so as to get there, or be willing to learn these required skills. These are the hurdles which one encounters and negotiates with when on the route to more.

Sometimes you may not feel that you have the necessary skills, confidence, tenacity or desire to keep going along the pathway to more. In this type of circumstance you can see how one can become disillusioned, dissatisfied and may even feel cheated out of something. But these emotions in fact only work to push you back or hold you down. These emotions do the opposite of empower; instead of feeling that you are the potential victor you are now playing the role of the victim.

Little success will ever be achieved if this is the role which you are playing. It is possible that you did not achieve success in your original quest because your heart was not really in it. If your heart was really set upon your goal you would have tried and tried again to find a way to get there. So instead of feeling that you are a victim or that you have missed out it is better to recognize that perhaps it was simply not really meant to be.

A lot of people want more because other people have more. Many think themselves into thinking that they want more because everyone else seems to want more. You can fall into the trap of wanting a particular make of jeans because someone else has them, or a particular toy for your child because a friends child has one, and so on. How often do you buy something and then not actually use it very much?

There really does seem to be a culture of wanting more for the sake of more, instead of wanting more because you enjoy it, or enjoy the pursuit of it. And that comes back to setting your heart upon something. If you love what you do, you will get what you want; it will be easy and it will not feel like hard work or too much effort. Not only that you will fully enjoy the fruits of your success.

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