How Did You Get Where You Are Today?

By admin / November 30, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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What you do today inevitably affects what happens in your tomorrow, although at the time you can have little idea of the extent of that impact. We spend much of our lives planning for our future, imagining what we would like to achieve and hoping that we attain our goals and live our dreams.

I spent a very happy day with friends yesterday golfing at the Presidio in San Francisco. As we travelled home, one friend asked "When you were a child, growing up in Ireland, did you ever imagine that you would be driving along this road today with three Asian ladies in a car, on the way back from golf?" No, not in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to be where I am today! But I am truly blessed to be where I am today.

My friend has lived in many different parts of the World, and she commented on the various times she would suddenly ask herself how she got to be where she was. She would look around at her friends in Japan and ask herself how she got there from California, or how she ended up in New York, or in London.

The further afield one moves from home the more dramatically you notice the differences. My friends question coincided with a message sent to me via Facebook from a girl I went to school with in 1972 and had not seen since 1979. She sent an old school photograph, showing thirty-two little girls and boys aged from four to fourteen. This was the entire school, not just one class. The school had just two rooms, one teacher and an assistant.

How did I get from a remote and beautiful spot in Southern Ireland to San Francisco and Silicone Valley? The chain of events is far too detailed to even begin to write the steps down. In fact, I'm sure that I would overlook the impact of some key events, even if I tried to carefully identify each and every twist and turn.

The fact is that every little thing that you experience, or that you are exposed to, has the power to impact greatly upon your tomorrow. Each person you meet, each song you hear, each decision you make shapes your future reality. Not only that, World events, or the norms of society also have a huge bearing.

How tall you are will have great impact upon whether or not you have the potential to be an Olympic swimmer or professional basketball player. Your parent's style of parenting will have a huge influence upon your dedication to schoolwork, specific favored subjects, how interested you are in sports or music and how you make friends and socialize.

These are just a few examples of how events from yesterday create the today in which we live. Each event or happening is likely to predispose us to make choices one way or another. But this still does not mean that we will make the most likely choice. We still have the ability to choose unlikely and unusual routes through life.

If you are unhappy where you are it is important to look closely at how you got there so as to be able to understand what changes you will have to make so as to make tomorrow better. The most essential factor which liberates a person and enables positive change is to grasp the fact that no matter what has happened in your life, no matter what circumstances are presented to you, you do have the power to make choices which will change your future experiences.

The biggest obstacle to positive change is when one thinks that they cannot change or that they are powerless to change their reality. If you think that you are stuck, then you will remain stuck. If you instead accept that you have felt stuck up until now but anything can happen from now on, then anything can indeed happen.

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