Happy faces attract while sad faces pull the people away

By admin / February 1, 2007
By: Nisha Sharma
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There are a lot definitions of a beautiful woman. Everyone have their personal definition for beauty whom they find beautiful and who is not. But is not a girl just born beautiful for her father. She do not have to be attractive physically to attract a man. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, People keep on fluctuating with their ideas about beauty but still they come to the confusing conclusion thinking `what is beauty`.

There are various definition of what beauty is ,which is determined by society as a norm of survival to the fittest. Asked to a mother that in what way she denote beauty -she had to say that beauty for her comes through her child, Babies get attracted to happy faces and they smile seeing them .

When asked to a unhealthy person to define beauty she has this to say that- a beautiful face is looking healthy means having good skin, being energetic and having no obvious disability or disfigurement .Multiple studies done by the researchers for stating what is a considered beautiful also correlates to how the face and body is.

According to one study beautiful and happy people receive 20 to 30% higher return in their life. They make people like them and in return fare better than sad and ugly faces. It shows that there is much connection between a good looking happy face and how is your life.

Characteristics of beauty can be different for everyone individually. But giving them positive changes is very important. Every woman may think of having the best figure and body to look attractive; But only having beautiful faces can not make you happy. However, there are lot of things that can be done to be happy and healthy. To offer the answer to what beauty stands for a person.

The major factor for becoming beautiful is elimination of poor self images that a person carry about herself and the fact that they look outward for the definition of beauty. When they think themselves in poor light, they wish to be somebody else and looking for a quick fix when really have the capability within to change for betterment. You can not be someone else. God has created every person as a special person. There are no two person similar. Then why we thrive to be someone else and in the process we loose our most important asset to be happy and beautiful that is our own identity and self.

Beauty is further to be defined in terms of abstract ideals such as truth, essence, exuberance, genius or perfectly joy. It is to be noted that beauty is the term which a person name for her but real essence lies in what kind of person are you and what all possibility a person can make its surrounding healthy. It should be remembered that the happy people attracts others and sad tends to pull the people away.

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