Happiness Is a State of Mind

By admin / July 31, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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We live in a time when there is a lot of information circulating about how you can have "everything". This can have two quite opposite effects. For some, it works very positively; giving you hope and motivating you to find ways in which you can in fact obtain "everything". It spurs you on to dream and to truly believe that you will succeed. And belief is the thing which keeps you going when the going gets tough. If you truly believe that you will reach that tantalizing goal, then you will find a way in which you can get there.

On the flip side of this, when one is encouraged to believe that you can have "everything", and yet you know that you haven't got it now, or haven't got it yet, a feeling of dissatisfaction can be borne. Additionally, if you do not have confidence in yourself to feel that you can achieve whatever it may happen to be, or you feel you are not good enough, or not worthy, then your feelings of insecurity and discomfort can be magnified when faced with this huge and ever growing stream of information in books, newspapers and on the TV and radio which keeps telling you that you CAN have everything and that NOTHING should hold you back.

For some people, pressure is felt merely because you do not have a desire to have "everything" thereby sometimes creating a feeling that you do not fit-in fully with the everything-seekers who surround you. If this is a familiar feeling to you then a little work on your inner confidence will make you feel a whole lot better.

Even the person who's dreams are fuelled by self-belief and a hungry desire to succeed can spend a lot of time feeling dissatisfied and unhappy as they lose sight of enjoying the moment in their pursuit of far-off goals. It is important, in every day of your life, to take the time to "smell the roses along the way". Unless you do this, you will not be happy.

Happiness is a state of mind. It comes from within, from a starting point of accepting where you are, knowing where you are going and planning to enjoy every moment along the way. This person knows how to be happy and so feels that they have enough time or money or love or whatever it is. And by feeling that you have enough of everything, you do indeed have enough of everything.

Happiness is in fact one of those "chicken and egg" things. You have to choose to be happy to be happy. You have to focus upon being happy to be happy. If you instead focus upon "knowing" that you will be happy if or when you achieve such and such, then you will never be happy, as you have not learned to "smell the roses along the way". The irony as well, is that when you are happy, you are inevitably more productive, and far more likely to achieve those things which the everything-seekers are seeking.

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