Are You Still Looking For What You Have Already Got?

By admin / April 25, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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How many times have you thought "she doesn't know how lucky she is?" or something along similar lines? Dissatisfaction abounds; you can feel a vibe of unhappiness in the air when you are around some people. It's a feeling which is rarely absent from some people's lives.

And these are the people who are frequently complaining at the unfairness of their lot, the selfishness of their partners, the hardness of the world in general, the tough breaks which they have encountered. As an outsider looking in you just cannot understand how they are feeling what they are feeling. To the observer, their life looks pretty good.

But to you, in the midst of these feelings, your unhappiness and dissatisfaction is a very real and palpable thing. You are unhappy; you are dissatisfied. But, you just cannot see our way out of the circumstances in which you feel that you are entrapped. And the more unhappy and dissatisfied you feel the more you see things which make you feel unhappy.

The longer it takes for you to make the move to sever ties and change your life, the more you justify your position to yourself. You have to do this to be able to feel "congruent". You have to justify to yourself why you stay when you know you should go. That other person won't let you leave, or you cannot afford to go, or a new job wouldn't be as safe an option, and so on.

In reality your situation isn't as bad as you make it out to be. If it was really, really bad you would make the changes which you dream about quite easily; there would be nothing to lose. It is only because you feel that you would be losing something that it becomes difficult for you to make the changes which you dream about. And the more you think about it and yet make no actual move, the more you feel that you have to justify to yourself your reasons to stay put.

Then the whole process becomes a self fulfilling prophesy; as you justify to yourself why you cannot change and cannot move, this is exactly what happens; you stay put. At this point the pertinent question to ask oneself is what do you really, really want? Toss all of your preconceived ideas to one side and ask what do you want? What is important to you here and now?

It is possible after all of the heartache and dissatisfaction that you may indeed find that what you really, really want is what you already have; you simply did not realize it. Many people spend endless years seeking the things which they already have.

In actual fact your thoughts and your perceptions are your reality. And so whatever you think, you are. If you think you are happy, you are happy. If you think you are unhappy you are unhappy. How you feel merely reflects how you think. All you have to do to experience happiness is to be happy. I read a quote by Neale Donald Walsh the other day which stated "All you have to do to have love is to be love"; this is very true.

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