New Beginnings or the Same Old Stuff?

By admin / January 19, 2010
By: Melissa Curry
Category: Goal Setting

As I sat down to write this, I thought to can I inspire in regards to the new year? How can I get someones attention enough to possibly make a difference in their lives?

Of course I want to write about the opportunities of what the new year brings. We all think about it for at least the 30 days, before and after the ball drops. We reflect on the past years events and envision the new years opportunities. But then (unfortunately for many) it seems to slowly fade, as does our resolutions and motivation to carry
at least one thing out.

So rather than say and never do... let us decide right here and now. If you seek change and a new beginning as the new year approaches us, write it
down. Write down what exactly you desire in change. Give it form and make it real.Commit yourself to what you havewritten, and be specific in your timeline. If you know that you currently do not have the discipline to hold yourself accountable for your goals, that is ok! Find a partner.

It is ok to have support in this situation! If you recognize that without it, you will fall back into the same old s&*t, then get on it my friend! Do not fear the unknown. Be excited and know that you deserve all that you desire, as long as you are willing to move boldly toward whatever it is you seek.

If you cannot find someone to hold you accountable, then get with me. Now you have no excuses. Excuses are for victims of circumstance, and goals are notaccomplished with a victim mindset.You may want this change for yourself, but you have to be willing to change to get there! Be a leader in your own life. Self-motivation is everything. Enjoy the journey, and enjoy who you become on that journey. Believe in yourself, and when you cannot, know there are people who will believe in you when you need it.

This is particularly my calling; to serve others in ways of motivation, providing systems for success, and aiding in self-recognition of what is inside you. Everything starts with you, everything. So as this new year approaches, and the opportunity for new beginnings arise, if you have the desire to move forward, do so with conviction. Write it down. Respect it. Pursue it. Don't look back.

Life is what you make of it, so live it fully.

-Be a light

Melissa Curry

Melissa Curry
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