Goal Setting Is About Self Commitment

By admin / September 21, 2010
By: Stephen Kavita
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We all can lead a fulfilling lifestyle if we commit ourselves seriously to goal setting and be ready to meet them. Everything comes from sacrifice, self commitment and in effect there really is no time to hesitate. Therefore, you must make a decision in time and take effective action. To be or not to be is the question.

If you choose to be great you must as a result work towards goal setting and not be afraid to try. Your fear of failure must be much lesser than your desire for success in order for you to achieve. It is after you begin something that you realize that it was not so difficult after all especially if accompanied with self commitment. You will discover that you were only underestimating yourself. Work and ambition will become your pleasure and you will never look back. You will be able to bury your dark past and be able to focus on a happier tomorrow. They say time is a great healer.

Hence as a person one must live their life to the fullest by being whole-hearted and dedicated to what they do. Once you enjoy doing what you do, it will make you happy and fulfilled. It gives your life a true meaning and direction. After goal setting try to self motivate yourself and do your very best and accepting every challenge that comes your way. This is because challenges are there to make you better therefore nothing should stop you from reaching your desired destiny in life. With commitment, ambition, focus and self-will no dream is impossible.

If you decide to neglect yourself and your ambition: to simply give up and stop pursuing your life desires them you are heading straight to misery. You will be a failure and will be insignificant since you can never expect something good to come out of laziness and neglect. Good fruits come from a well-tended tree while bad ones arise from impatience and carelessness. Today I challenge you to work towards high goal setting.

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