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By admin / October 15, 2008
By: Lynn Claridge
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Goal setting for success, means making your goals achievable. What I am about to pass on to you are the principles of goal setting for success and how it can help you change your life.

One important point to remember is that your goal or goals should be about what you want and you should have control over them. There is nothing more dishearting as failing to achieve your goals because you had no control over them.

Base your goals on personal performance, skills or knowledge that you wish to acquire, this way you will have control over them, leading you to achieve your goal or goals and drawing satisfaction from them. Another point to remember is that once you achieve your goal you can also open the door to opportunities.

Set your goals at a realistic level, and when you achieve all the conditions of your realistic level you can be confident and happy with your achievement. If you consistently fail to meet a set personal goal, you need to adjust or analyse the reason for failure and take the appropriate action to improve the skills you need to achieve your goals and change your life.

Goal setting for success needs to be at the correct level and is a skill that requires practice. Set your goals so that they are slightly out of your immediate grasp, however, not to far where there is no hope of you achieving your goal. You will not achieve your personal goal if you set them at an unrealistic level. You also need to take into account personal factors, such as tiredness, commitments and the need for rest.

Next is a guideline that will help you to set and apply your personal goals for success.

Make positive statements and express your goals positively.

Be precise when setting your personal goals, take notice of the date and time you start and the time it takes you to achieve your goal. This helps you measure your achievement.

Set priorities when you make several goals by giving each one a priority. This helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by too many goals and helps to direct you attention to the important ones.

Write your goals down, as this gives you more force and avoids confusion.

To start with, set your goals small, if you make them to big you will not see or make progress.

The following guidelines show you the reasons why you will find it difficult to achieve your goals

If you are not careful you could find family and friends starting to set you goals and make them unrealistic for you. If you are not careful, you will find that your goals are based on what they want and not on what you want. Remember, the goals you set are about you and what you want, so you need to set them to achieve success.

If you do not have sufficient information or have a clear realistic understanding of what you are trying to achieve it will be difficult for you to set and achieve your goals.

The next guideline is not to set your goals to low.

The fear of failure can stop you taking risks; however, as you achieve your goal setting your self-confidence will increase, helping you to take bigger risks. Remember, failure is a positive thing, it shows you areas where you can improve your skills and performance.

If you are unwilling to stretch yourself and work hard, then you are extremely unlikely to achieve your goals.

Think your goals through and ask yourself the following questions. These questions can help you focus on the goals that lead you to goal setting for success.

  • What skills do you have to achieve?
  • What information and knowledge do you need?
  • What help, assistance or collaboration do you need?
  • What can stop or block your progress?
  • Are you making any assumptions?
  • Is there a better way you can do things?
Goal setting for success is to help you achieve success now. It can and it will change your life.

Lynn Claridge is a qualified Life Counselor and has written a book The Ultimate Success Plan. If you want to learn more about Self Improvement and Self Growth visit her site www.inthe6th.com

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