The Top 10 Reasons Why My Coaching Business is Not Slow

By admin / August 10, 2011

A mentor of mine recently commented that "coaches keep complaining business is too slow." In response, I reported that things are the opposite for me, and that I am rarely slow. He asked me to present him with "The Top 10 Reasons Why My Coaching Business is Not Slow," and here they are:

10. I place great emphasis on business development.

I get bored easily. (Typical ADD!) If I'm not continually challenging myself with developing new products, new services, new marketing techniques, and new speaking engagements, I get bored. I have a menu of products and services and I continually add to it, based on what my clients and prospects have told me they want and will buy.

9. I make the most of my newsletter, which has about 2200 subscribers and grows daily.

I give my subscribers valuable information, whether or not they choose to take advantage of my pay services. But I also don't hesitate to make them aware of what I have to offer. If they buy, great. If they don't, I don't take it personally. At least I know I am putting out some good into the world and reaching a ton of people.

8. I keep my professional network & strategic alliance partners in the loop.

Many of my clients come from referrals. I feel that it's very important to maintain regular contact with people who are referring clients to me, or who may refer clients to me in the future. I always acknowledge referrals and offer my thanks and appreciation.

7. I write down all my ideas.

I wish the government would pay me to sit in a room all day and generate ideas! I'd truly succeed. I am constantly dreaming up new and exciting workshops, programs, and products. I can't implement them all at once, but I do write them down so that I can access the ideas when the time is right.

6. I'm happy making my living helping.

I continually remind myself of why I am coaching and what it means to me. I keep a "Happy Folder" where all the good feedback goes and I review it when I feel down. I work for the money. I coach because I love it. I coach ADDers because they're fabulous people.

5. I focus on marketing, not BS work.

While it's impossible to stay clear of what I call "BS work," I continually remind myself that things like web updates should only occupy my time when absolutely necessary. I'd rather spend my non-coaching time getting new clients.

4. I'm authentic and rarely attract an incompatible client.

If I know that I won't work well with a potential client or that the relationship will not be satisfying to one or both of us, I refer the client to another coach who is better suited for the job. I would rather spend my time with - and make my money from - clients whom I know I can make a difference with.

3. I have an excellent team in place.

It took a while, but I finally embraced the idea that I can not, and should not, be doing everything. Delivering the coaching and developing the business are my strengths. I prefer to let others utilize their strengths in all other areas.

2. I have decided to make this coaching business work, and darn it, I will make it work!

I used to think that the word "failure" didn't belong in my vocabulary. I came to realize that failure is inevitable. It will happen. And when it does, I am just one step closer to finding a solution that works.

1. I welcome the occasional "slow down" of business.
When things are slow, I use it as an opportunity to create more opportunities. "Slow" periods give me the time I need to focus on and follow through with marketing, client recruitment, and product development. Which of these can you do, right now, to move your own business forward?


Jennifer Koretsky is an ADD Management Coach who helps adults manage their ADD and move forward in life. She publishes The ADD Coaching Business Report, an eNewsletter that helps other coaches succeed in their business and marketing efforts and create viable coaching businesses. Subscribe to The ADD Coaching Business Report at

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