My Year In Review Part 1

By admin / April 11, 2011
By: SA Perillo
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My 2010 year in review is not that specific in respect of pick apart everything, but I’m pretty sure I’ll give an excellent sense on how things went from my previous year.

And plus, it fits with one of my key strategies for the 2011, which is to track everything that has been happened and will be happening.

In short: “What gets measured gets managed.” - Peter Drucker, person receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But this exercise (2010 year in review) will not be as specific as the main things to come… Rather I in recent times threw down 2 questions* for myself to come back with (I strongly encourage you to definitely think about the same):

1. What went well in 2010?
2. What didn’t go so well in 2010?

So if you’re interested about my 2010 year in review, here’s the general idea of how my year lined up. Based on the categories I’m using for my 2010 year in review and take-over plan, I’ll break each question up in to these sections: Business, Travel, and Health.

Real Estate: For my 2010 year in review this has been a massive year for investments. They say that fortunes are made out of recessions. I believe this whole heartedly. And for that reason, my brother and I took action and began purchasing rental properties. This was a huge step for us, and I’m so pumped in regards to the decisions we produced in this arena and even more so for the ones we have been planning for 2011.

Travel: For some reason whenever i think back regarding how my 2010 year in review and exactly how much I travelled, I immediately think it wasn't enough. It won’t be able to hold a candle towards year in the future, but in the end, I must say I did get to be away quite a bit. And I’m more than thankful for that!

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