Coaches, Are You Still Waiting To Market Your Coaching Business?

By admin / July 29, 2007
By: Biana Babinsky
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I have heard this way too many times. I have heard it from every type of a coach. Many life, career and business coaches who have been in business for some time have told me that they are not actively marketing their business. When I ask why not, it seems that they are waiting for something to happen before they can start marketing their business online:

- Coaches are waiting to get yet another professional certification

- Coaches are waiting for their web designer to re-design they web site for the tenth time.

- Coaches are waiting to add a shopping cart or a new teleseminar to their web site

- Coaches are waiting to finish reading a marketing book they just purchased

- Coaches are waiting to start marketing on the 1st of the month

Coaches are waiting to market and they are coming up with many excuses to justify doing that.

There are hundreds of life, career and business coaches have been waiting for over a year to start marketing their businesses. And because they are not marketing their business yet, they do not have clients and they are not able to support themselves revenue from their coaching business.

Don't wait! Waiting for something to happen before you start marketing your coaching business sabotages you and your business. If you are waiting for something to happen before you can start marketing your coaching business, listen up! I have a challenge for you -- go ahead and get started marketing. No more excuses of not having enough certificates or not having finished your web site re-design. The faster you start marketing and promoting your coaching business, the faster you will build a successful coaching business where you have as many clients as you need and where you work at times that are convenient for you.

Here is a plan for you to get started with marketing your coaching business:

- Review the marketing tasks that you have already accomplished. Do you already have a coaching newsletter? Have you done some search engine optimization for your web site? Have you created effective web site copy?

Make sure that you put to good use all the marketing materials you have already created. Doing this will save you time going forward.

- Create an effective marketing plan for your coaching business. Based on what you have discovered during your marketing review, create a plan for going forward with your marketing plan.

If you haven't done that much in terms of marketing yet, I recommend concentrating on three marketing areas. These areas are creating an effective web site that sells your products and services, getting more newsletter subscribers for your newsletter and writing and publishing articles online.

- Make a commitment to marketing your coaching business on a regular basis. Marketing your coaching business is not a one-time action; it is a long term process that you need to participate in every single day in order to see results. This is why I am asking you to make a long term commitment to following your marketing plan and promoting your coaching business.

Once you put some time into marketing your business, you will start seeing results.

Stop waiting for something to happen before you start marketing. Create your marketing plan and start marketing today -- doing this will make your coaching business more successful and will help you earn more money.

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