10 Secrets To Creating A Life You Love

By admin / January 27, 2008
By: Cathy Webb
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Most people feel that their life is not what they wanted it to be. They want more...more love, more money, more free time to do what they want to do. Instead, they find themselves living their life to please someone else or working to build someone else's dreams, instead of their own. It is in times of transition that people feel this the most and that is when they are most willing to make the changes to create a life that is built on their own terms. Being a Professional Life Coach, I see this pattern over and over again. Luckily, there are some simple techniques that anyone can use to begin changing their life for the better. These exercises reveal your own personal secrets to creating a life you love

The 10 Secrets that I will share here with you are only the beginning to creating a life that is uniquely yours.

1) Identify your values and virtues. What means the most to you in life? Honesty, integrity, time freedom, love, ....

2) Identify your own strengths. What are your gifts and talents?

3) Answer this question in great detail: If money and time were no problem at all, what would your perfect day be like?

4) Answer this question in great detail: If money, education and time were no problem at all, what kind of work would you be doing?

5) Answer this question honestly: What are the top 3 things that you are simply tolerating or "putting up with" in your life right now?

6) List 10 energy drainers that you encounter at work and at home.

7) List 10 things that make you smile.

8) Write down 15 activities that you enjoy. They can be small or large....work-related or leisure activities.

9) What would you like to be remembered for? What would be your legacy?

10) Are you willing to create new habits and new thinking patterns to create positive changes in your life? This willingness is the necessary secret ingredient to creating a life you love.

Keep in mind that the only constant in life is change. By becoming comfortable with change, you will free yourself to explore new opportunities and to grow to new levels of being. Isn't that an exciting option to your same old day, same old life existence?

Take time for yourself to explore your options. Using a Life Coach and educating yourself on the available resources, books, and products available to help you create a life you love are easy ways to get started!

Cathy Webb is a former Educator and is a Professional Life Coach. Her website contains more helpful tips. http://www.myholisticlifecoach.com

Cathy Webb is a former Educator and is a Professional Life and Business Coach. She has inspired persons of all ages to success in life and business.

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