10 Abilities to Look for in a Coach

By admin / August 11, 2009
By: Elan Chalford
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Whether you are doing online marketing, mlm, or even off line marketing, you can get help with a good, competent coach. Here is my list of qualities that a good coach can serve you with.

1. The coach is a good listener. You know and feel that you are being heard as you tell your dream or project.

2. The coach comprehends your goal and sees how it fits into your life. You talk about this with him or her.

3. The coach perceives your intention and can evaluate the passion you feel about it.

4. The coach discusses your strategic plan both in terms of its own consistency and how it stands in the real world based on his expertise.

5. The coach can tweak your plan as needed to make it easier and more effective.

6. The coach can spot the limiting constraint to the fulfillment of your objective. She can recommend alternatives to handle the constraint and get past it.

7. The coach can see and recommend the next action step needed to move the plan forward.

8. The coach can work with you to sketch out an estimated time line for your project.

9. The coach can identify mile stones and bench marks of completion.

10. The coach joins you in celebrating your victories, no matter how small. He counsels you when there is a set back, and recommends you make a fresh start armed with better knowledge.

These are qualities I look for in getting help with my projects. They are qualities I cultivated in my decades of teaching violin and fiddle, and in my years of coaching speakers in my Toastmaster clubs.

When it's not possible to get a competent coach, (they usually charge for their services), you can often get an accountability partner or start a mastermind group.

The accountability partner is the person you have an agreement with to coach each other. You take turns talking about your project. Sometimes you look for analytical feedback, and sometimes creative input. One of you will play the coach and the other the client, then trade off.

Mastermind groups are usually three to six people who agree to perform these same functions together. There is an increased synergy when you can find three or more people for the group.

Elan Chalford, M.M.

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