How To Remember Those Important Dates

By admin / August 28, 2006
By: Tom Takihi
Category: Time Management

C.S. Lewis' stated, "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." In other words, you and I have the same amount of time as the president of the United States has everyday. Absolutely nobody can say that he or she has a minute more than the next person. All of us are given 24 hours a day, not a second more. It is said that death is the great equalizer because no matter what your stature in the world is, you will meet your maker sooner or later just like everybody else. In my opinion, death should share that title with time, as they are supreme contemporaries in leveling all of us mere mortals. The direct relationship between productivity and time management is undeniable. Managing time wisely is crucial in anything as basic as keeping a household in order to running a Fortune 500 company. Time management is so important that teaching about it has become a huge business that is becoming an industry in itself. As companies try to improve employee productivity through efficiency experts, time management has become a core concept in these company improvement strategies. Whether you fancy free or fee based advice about time management, there are tons of reading materials about it online and also in print. The plethora of time management gurus is available and ready to educate and train people to be more sensitive about how they spend their time. I hear these pundits are making a killing out of straightening up the chronologically unskilled. Putting deadlines or setting goals for a specific amount of time each day is a basic notion that are being ingrained to the minds of people who are considered time wasters. I believe that all the time management gurus will agree with me when I say that all the styles, techniques and methods will prove useless if you are unable to remember your scheduled engagements and tasks. You can always write down your appointments in a date book or have one of those handheld devices remind you of your day, week or monthly plans. If you don't want to hassle yourself by lugging around a wad of paper with scribbles on them or if you are not into expensive handheld gadgets then you might want to consider visiting one of those websites that offer free online date book/calendar services. This is a very viable option nowadays because of the wide availability of internet access. You can store birthdays, special events and other significant dates. The obvious advantage of storing these important dates online would be that you could access the information anytime and anywhere you are in the world. You might lose your physical date book and along it your precious information. Your handheld device might get stolen or the data in it might get corrupted. The data you stored online though, will be available to you as long as the site is up and running. You have to admit, this is one cool way to be reminded of one's appointments.

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