If You Are Finding Your Life Boring Then Do Something About It

By admin / July 17, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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In life we are constantly challenged to grow and stretch. We are inevitably more comfortable when within the safety of our known comfort zone. Yet at the same time we often desire things that would necessitate climbing out from beneath our security blankets and taking a few risks along the way.

One of life's learning curves is the inevitable acknowledgment that one has to take risks so as to be able to grow and develop as a person. If you fear failure more than you desire change you will remain rooted in one spot and in a few years time you could be looking back upon a life that has passed you by in a blur of hum drum boredom.

Fear of loss is akin to fear of failure in it's potential to immobilize a person and stunt their growth. If life is feeling a bit boring then you simply have to learn to take a few risks.

Boredom is of course entirely a subjective matter. One person may be challenged and delighted by knitting whilst another is horrified by the thought of picking up those needles and clicking away upon the sofa. One person can find the antics of a golf ball hugely exciting whilst another views golf as a good walk spoiled.

Achievement and satisfaction are also subjective feelings. For one who is suffering from depression to be able to get up in the morning and go out of the front door in the space of a two hour period can be a major achievement, whilst a sprinter who does not obtain a result within a minute range of their personal best could be bitterly disappointed.

When you think about it, every emotional reaction is subjective. Your life is exactly what you make it out to be. This brings me back to the title of this short piece; if you are finding your life to be boring then do something about it. You are the only person who can change your own subjectively created world.

If you need to overcome fears and take a few more risks then you could find that hypnosis is your friend. I can almost hear your objections already! Most people are afraid of hypnosis itself. I know how that feels.

I remember when I first encountered hypnosis in the form of a stage show. The hypnotist looked relatively normal, which surprised me when I think back to then. Somehow, I had expected him to look a little weird, although I'm not sure in what way. Anyhow, he looked pretty normal.

When he asked the audience to hold their hands together and informed them that they would shortly be unable to pull their hands apart I must admit that I thought it was a bit of a joke and happily followed his instructing, safe in the knowledge that it just wouldn't work. Except my hands did get locked together. Well, I have to admit that kind of threw me.

So I had to quickly reevaluate my opinion about hypnosis. It clearly wasn't a "con-artist" up there on the stage. He did have hypnotic powers despite the fact that he looked normal. That led me to a deeper study of hypnosis and a realization that hypnosis itself is in fact a perfectly normal, and incredibly useful, phenomenon.

Many people overlook hypnosis because they simply do not know what it is or what to expect. I'm lucky that I just happened to go to that show and got to be surprised by what happened. Thirty years later I am just so glad that I took what seemed like such a big risk at that time.

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