Do You Believe In Your Dreams?

By admin / March 6, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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The human mind has an amazing capacity to dream. We dream in many different ways.

I think we all remember times when we were at school, sitting in the class room staring into space, our minds day dreaming about playing football or fixated upon that cute boy who lives down the street. At night times we dream too, and this aspect of dreaming is essential for our emotional well being in that it serves the essential purpose of conflict resolution; if this were not to happen we would quickly become psychotic.

We dream too about our future, seeing in our minds eye the home we might want to live in or the career we might wish to aspire to or the things which we might desire for our kids or friends. It is this aspect of dreaming which I am concerned with here. We are naturally inclined to dream; we are great dreamers but few of us realize how we can capitalize upon this talent.

Eleanor Roosevelt has been quoted as saying that the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. She clearly understood the importance of dreams and how the act of believing in ones dreams is the secret magic ingredient which empowers them to become real. Dreaming without believing will not make your dreams come true; they will remain at a tantalizing distance until eventually your dream will simply fade and disappear.

But just how do you access this magic ingredient of self-belief? We tend to think that you either believe in something or not. But this isn't really the case. If you were to ask Cornelius Vanderbilt or Winston Churchill (to take just two examples of human beings who had unshakeable belief) how they came to have their strong belief, they would both say that their belief came from the way in which they thought.

Belief is something which can be built by thinking in a particular way, using both your logical mind and your emotions. You see, if your focus upon the same thing clearly and consistently with a positive emotional attachment you will naturally be led in that direction. You create a state of tunnel vision for yourself simply by applying consistent focus.

I read a motivational message earlier today which directed one to teach your imagination to visualize successful moments. It had a small proviso added; to just be sure that you are in the picture. To capitalize upon your natural talent of dreaming, you should ensure that you picture what you really want to happen and not what you do not want to materialize.

And you should always see yourself in those pictures. If you are not in your pictures you are detached from them and they will have little or no impact. On the other hand, if you make your pictures bright and clear and see yourself fully involved in them you will feel an emotional attachment; it is this emotional attachment which is the kernel of that magical ingredient called self-belief.

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