How To Overcome Fear of The Dark

By admin / November 14, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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What is it about darkness which can set a person's heart beating faster and trigger sensations of anxiety which have the ability to spread like a grey cloak of mist throughout your physiology? Stories about the "bogey man" come to mind and are instantly dismissed as being completely illogical; even so, the coiled sensation of fear remains. Your logical mind and your emotions agree to differ and each attempts to pursue its own course.

The emotional mind is the one which tends to win. It has an intensity which overrules logic like a steam roller flattening everything which lies in its path. Every time the logical mind raises an arm and makes a rational observation about there being no need to fear the darkness, fear and anxiety surfaces in greater volume of intensity, and uses its force to pull that arm of reason quickly back down once more.

There is one undeniable fact about darkness, which could shed some light on why so many people suffer from such fear. In the dark one cannot see like they can throughout the day or when a light is on. Being unable to see can induce a feeling that one's control has slipped away; if you feel out of control this in itself gives rise to an awareness of vulnerability, or threat. When your brain perceives something which it construes as threatening, the instinctive fight or flight response is triggered - fear takes over.

Thus some people may be predisposed to a fear of the dark as a side effect of perhaps feeling a loss of control in another aspect of their lives. Others may have developed a fear of darkness due to a bad experience in the past. But no matter what has caused your fear of the dark, it is your brains perception of darkness as being threatening which triggers the fear anxiety response.

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