How To Overcome Fear of Lifts With Hypnotherapy

By admin / November 19, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Many of us in the modern day are frustrated by unnecessary fears. A phobia of lifts does not affect you every day of the week but despite this it is very uncomfortable and totally unnecessary.

Some people think "feel the fear and do it anyway". But this is rather unhelpful and makes you believe that there is no way forward. There is a way in which you can easily overcome your fear.

One is not born with a fear of lifts. Rather, a fear is a learned response. You may not know what caused your anxiety in the beginning, but these types of fears are always a learned reaction. To cure a phobia of elevators one must find a way to alter this learned reaction.

These types of habitual reactions are stored in the subconscious mind; the habitual reaction of fear just happens, of its own accord completely bypassing logical thought. By the time you do think about it, it is virtually impossible to think clearly. Once fear has gotten hold of you, you cannot see or think clearly as your logical thinking abilities of the upper cortex are bypassed. Fear takes over.

How can you seek to cure your fear of lifts? You can learn to use hypnosis to access your subconscious mind easily simply by listening to a hypnosis download. When in hypnosis you relax and you can learn to view things from a different angle. What previously instigated a sensation of anxiety can now create a relaxed feeling of calmness and positivity.

As you listen to your hypnosis session you will train your mind to think about lifts in a very different way. You will be able to visualize yourself feeling relaxed and comfortable in lifts, no matter the lift size and no matter how many floors the lift covers.

Hypnosis is amazingly powerful in overcoming phobias whether the phobia is of lifts, enclosed spaces, spiders, driving or trains or whatever else you happen to be afraid of. We should not be surprised by this; how else can you easily access the subconscious mind?

You know yourself that a deep rooted fear is illogical as opposed to logical. Your logical mind alone will not find it easy to overcome such a fear; your subconscious mind, your inner mind, has to be involved in the process. Hypnosis paves the way to doing this.

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