How To Overcome Fear of Flying

By admin / November 3, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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A fear of flying is in this day and age extremely restricting. So many people these days enjoy a lifestyle which involves flying almost as frequently as we used to take taxis. Many jobs are dependent upon flying on a regular basis, be it a short internal flight or one which involves sitting on an airplane for up to twenty hours.

A fear of flying can take many forms; one individual may be quite comfortable on a small plane but petrified on a jumbo, whilst the opposite may be true for another person. The symptoms experienced can vary from a tension which is bearable (just) to full blown panic attacks which even prevent a person from going anywhere remotely near to an airport. You may feel less uptight in an aisle seat, whilst someone else will only contemplate flying if a window seat is guaranteed. Sometimes the sounds which a plane makes can trigger anxiety, whilst at other times it may be the sensations or the sights.

Everyone's fear of flying is different in terms of what triggers it and how you instinctively react. The degree of anxiety or panic experienced varies from one person to another. I have met people who could not even bear to look at a plane in the sky without experiencing a knee jerk reaction which sent them in search of a place to hide.

However you experience your fear of flying phobia, it is something which is very uncomfortable and it places undue stress upon both your psyche and your lifestyle. No matter how deeply you experience a fear of flying phobia, this response can be changed. A phobia is something which is learned, not something which you are born with. It is the result of an automatic program which is running at the back of your mind.

This is why fear of flying hypnotherapy is so successful. With hypnosis you gain access to the inner workings of your mind and deep rooted beliefs, habits and phobias can be changed with relative ease. Hypnosis is easy to learn and easy to use with the help of a hypnosis recording. You can learn how to retrain your mind to overcome your fear of flying and feel comfortable on airplanes with the help of hypnosis.

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