Combating Stress in Teenage is Easy

By admin / June 16, 2009
By: Walters Nancy
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Stress is the reaction of the body and the mind towards assorted changes in the physical environment of a human being undergoes changes throughout his life, adolescence is one period that witnesses almost all of the changes. During puberty, an individual goes through many sorts of changes including physical, emotional, social and academic. is the period that is accompanied by maximum stress levels.

Several causes are responsible to trigger stress during teenage. Some of these factors include demanding school schedules, changes in the body, the constant fear of being bullied amidst several others. Expecting too much from one self and taking the right career decision can also be an important cause of stress in teenagers. Learning disabilities, financial problems in the family, discord between parents are some other less common causes of stress amidst teenagers.

Teenagers must handle stress effectively otherwise it might result in to severe health problems. A few common health dangers are despair, nervousness, sleeplessness, poor eating habits and lack of concentration. In case of any of these conditions, immediate pro help is necessary. If not checked for in time, these problems could lead to aggression or social withdrawal. It's been seen, if teenage stress isn't handled appropriately, it might also result in loss of self confidence and suicide, in worst cases!

Therefore, it is important that teenage stress be managed properly. Time allocation is an example of the critical methods to manage stress during teenage. Taking proper time out for homework, sports, chores, and other activities can help you stay less stressed.

You can also get rid of stress by setting goals and dividing the work into smaller tasks. Learn to concentrate over the issues which are under your control and stop worrying about factors you have no control over.

Exercise and eat regular meals and avoid excessive caffeine. Also do not indulge in alcoholism or drugs.

Many teenagers feel stressed in certain social eventualities. Think over and practice feared eventualities, for example practicing public talking or asking somebody out on a date. Express your feelings. You can do this thru writing, music, talking with buddies, or with somebody you trust like a teacher or a councilor.

Always try to stay away from negative thoughts. You should usually have a positive outlook towards things. Rather than negative thoughts such as "I am broke", you must look for positive thoughts such as "I will be able to get out of the situation."

Self acceptance is the key to stress management during teenage. Often the teens suffer from inferiority complex and think that they lack in certain things. But, the reality is that no one is perfect and you've got to accept this fact about yourself too!

If the routine stress management methods do not prove to be of much help, you can also look for the services of a health care provider. Be yourself and feel assured about what you are and you will be ready to deal with stress effectively.

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